Suction effect keeps parts chip-free

Ceratizit has introduced its PCD MaxiMill SEC12 face-milling cutter to target the machining of crankcases, cylinder heads and other automotive-related components made from aluminium and non-ferrous metals, the interiors of which must remain chip-free. Key to the success of the MaxiMill SEC12 is the design of the insert seat and cutting-insert topology, supported by the coolant pressure, which together create a suction effect that at high speed clears virtually 100% of chips from the workpiece.

Anyone working in engine manufacture will be familiar with this problem: during the conventional face milling of crankcases and cylinder heads, chips fall into the water chambers and get stuck there to such an extent that complete removal by automated washing processes is difficult. Instead, the chips must be removed manually, which involves additional time and costs. And if chips remain, there may be a need to scrap an expensive component.

The new PCD MaxiMill SEC12 (Suction Effect Cutter with 12 mm insert size) eliminates this problem, saving time and cost. Thanks to cutting inserts with a ground-in chip-removal notch and their novel positioning in the body of the milling cutter, the tool develops a suction effect that clears chips away from the part. In addition, the working angle from the flat surface is approximately 30°, which means that hardly a single chip can enter the interior of the component. Coolant flow at the optimum pressure further enhances chip evacuation.

Ceratizit’s MaxiMill SEC12 offers numerous other advantages. One of the most important is its modular design (made entirely of standard components), which enables individual versions to be created for any requirement. The milling cutter consists of a milling adapter in HSK-A63, -A80 or -A100 design, which holds the base body of the face mill.

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Guhring dives into micro-milling

Guhring is extending its Diver series of end mills for the micro-machining sector. Coined by the company as the ‘smallest diver in the world’, the new RF100 Micro Diver end mills machine small components of any material.

Providing plunging and milling in a single tool, Guhring says that the RF100 Micro Diver permits very high cutting depths that until now, were beyond the realms of micro-precision cutting tools. Available in two variants, the 6808 and 6809, the RF100 Micro Diver features a symmetrical drilling face for stability when ramping and drilling, a new transition geometry to improve rigidity, and a novel flute form that further enhances rigidity and eliminates vibration.

The RF100 Micro Diver 6808 series is a three-flute solid-carbide end mill suitable for cutting materials up to 48 HRc at depths up to 2.5xD. With a 40° helix angle to evacuate chips from the work area when conducting high-speed machining, the 6808 series is available with a H5 4 or 6 mm shank diameter and a H8 cutting diameter from 0.79 to 3.175 mm (with a multitude of dimensional increments available).

For the machining of pockets and slots up to 5xD, manufacturers can select the longer 6809 series, which offers an overall tool length from 45 to 57.15 mm with a 5.00 to 15.87 mm cutting length.

From a tool life perspective, both end mills have an optimised geometry that adds strength and rigidity, while Guhring says that its new HIPIMS Durox coating enables end users to achieve a very high surface finish with optimal chip-removal rates.

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Universal micro-boring from Floyd

With the recent pandemic forcing more businesses to look at their costs, Floyd Automatic Tooling has given a UK launch to the MicroTurn eLine of boring tools from Ifanger. The MicroTurn eLine MTEE is an optimised universal boring tool that is 25% less expensive than Ifanger’s existing MTEC or MTEN tools.

Available as a right-handed boring tool in seven variants, the universal inserts are suitable for small-bore machining starting from 1.80 mm diameter. With the new eLine MTEE, the series incorporates a positive-cut 8° rake angle and a short neck length for rigidity and stability.

From a dimensional perspective, the MTEE line is available with a 4 or 6 mm diameter shank, and an overall length of 31 or 43 mm. Neck lengths range from 5 to 19.5 mm, while corner radii extend from 0.05 to 0.15 mm. MTEE-series inserts are currently available uncoated, which retains edge sharpness and precision when machining certain materials, and with a TiALN coating.

Complementing the MTEE line is the classic series of Ifanger boring inserts that incorporates the MTEC, MTEN, MTKE and MTKH boring and copying tools. For profiling applications, Ifanger has a diverse range of geometries and coatings to support manufacturers with all their threading, grooving, chamfering and axial plunging requirements.

Although the new MTEE line caters for the majority of small boring applications with the most commonly-used dimension ranges initially available, Floyd Automatic Tooling and Ifanger can customise this extensive range upon demand.

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Walter delivers thread of productivity

With the arrival of the T2710 series, Walter is extending the concept of its multiple-row thread-milling cutters for producing shorter threads. Thanks to small spaces between insert rows, the T2710 offers the highly productive processing of thread depths up to 1.5xD.

Even with short thread depths, the simultaneous machining of several thread sections by the T2710 series reduces machining time. Productivity is further amplified by the wear-resistant thread-milling inserts of the Walter WSM37S Tiger-tec Silver grade.

Suitable for universal use, the rigid tool body incorporates multiple rows of indexable inserts for thread milling. The tool body design features minimum spaces between the insert rows to increase productivity levels when creating short threads.

Walter’s new tool is suitable for threads carrying a nominal diameter that starts from 20 mm and upwards with a thread pitch range from 1.5 to 6 mm, and for imperial threads a TPI of 18 to 6. To meet the complete needs of industry, Walter has introduced several inserts for threads from M125 to UN 5-inch, inserts with a pitch range from 6 to 10 mm and 4 TPI, as well as inserts with a 55° flank angle for BSP threads.

With T2710 it is possible to direct the coolant supply both radially and axially, enabling customers to adapt the process for the machining of blind or through holes, optimally flushing the swarf from the thread. The Walter T2710 series is for universal application on steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, high-temperature alloys and even hardened steels up to 55 HRc.

The new additions add to the existing standard insert range that includes M24 to M125, UNC1 to UN5, and G1 to G3 ½-inch.

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Quickgrind offers Amazon ordering

Cutting tools from Quickgrind are now available to purchase on Amazon, in turn making the next-day delivery of standard product lines a certainty.

By using the Amazon platform, customers can order cutting tools as late as 22:00 in most areas with guaranteed next-day UK delivery. Quickgrind says that no cutting-tool manufacturer with an established logistics platform can provide a service that offers such a responsive service. Furthermore, customers can get free one-day delivery on eligible items and take advantage of consolidated shipping and ‘Amazon Day’ events, with predictable and convenient weekly deliveries.

Although bespoke engineered solutions from Quickgrind will continue, the company will introduce a standard series of products through the Amazon logistics platform. This move not only opens Quickgrind up to the whole UK market, but further afield, such as the US, mainland Europe and Australia. Furthermore, it will give Quickgrind exposure to enthusiasts, job shops and small manufacturers.

The Amazon online store is familiar to most households and businesses, and this familiarity reduces the complexity of purchasing for work purposes and can reduce overall procurement time. In short, being able to automate approval processes (all part of Amazon Business) helps limit the administrative burden.

Additionally, customer control and consolidation of spend can be achieved through a single ‘multi-user’ account with built-in features. This capability eradicates what procurement staff call ‘long-tail’ and rogue spending. Customers can track all their orders with ease and transparency.

Leveraging the Amazon Business store produces lower costs with quantity pricing available, alongside reduced shipping costs. For example, customers can spend just £80 for unlimited deliveries per year. This provides manufacturers with the traceability and confidence that staff can order cutting tools for urgent jobs that may come in at short notice.

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