Raft of innovations on show from Horn

Paul Horn, the solid-carbide tooling, carbide insert and tool-holder manufacturer has supplied more than 200,000 special tooling solutions over the years and currently offers 25,000 standard products, including five that were introduced to the UK market at the recent MACH 2024 exhibition in Birmingham, UK.

For instance, an addition to the Horn Supermini boring, grooving and chamfering system was announced, namely a variant with a precision-ground rake face for producing ultra-fine bores. The ground cutting edge is free from notches at a magnification of x200 and the tool is suitable for machining components with an inside diameter from just 0.3 mm. Sharp insert geometry ensures process reliability, even with very small infeed and cutting feed rates. The special coating is suitable for stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and other metals.

Notably, the Supermini Type 105 system insert requires only one tool holder for well over 1000 insert variants, which applies equally to left-hand and right-hand versions. Carbide inserts are available coated or uncoated in various grades for a variety of applications, including hard machining up to 66 HRc. The patented, droplet-shape cross section has a vibration-damping effect and delivers high repeatability during insert exchange. Internal coolant supply to the insert increases tool life, enhances cutting performance and improves chip removal. Horn offers the tools with face clamping elements that allow easy changing of the insert without removing the holder from the machine.

Horn has also developed a new solid-carbide milling cutter range for machining stainless steels used widely in the watchmaking and other precision engineering industries. Due to their geometry and efficient chip breaking, the mills are also suitable for machining numerous other materials.

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