Online Auction : Gavel Auctioneers & Valuers

The Assets of a Phamacevtical Contract Packing Firm
Charmichoel AV intermittent Motion Vertical Cartoner
Alltech Alline Labeling Machine & Barcode Checking Machines
iLLig HSP 35b-3 Heat Sealing Press
CE MPI-17 Stretch Film Bander

End Date: 20-02-24

Online Auction – Cottrill & Co

Excellent Schumag Bright Bar Drawing Lines, Draw Benches, Bar Processing Equipment, Overhead Cranes,
Bar Drawing Dies previously used by Barrett Steel
(formerly Artee Bright Bar Ltd)

End Date: 22-02-24

Online Auction – Marriott & Co

By Order of the Owners, due to relocation, we offer for sale by MAJOR ONLINE AUCTION The well-maintained and well-presented contents of this ENGINEERING & METALWORKING FACILITY

End Date: 18-03-24