Creaform unveils VXelements 9.0

Creaform has released the latest version of its VXelements platform. Several new features, as well as enhancements to existing functions, provide significant improvements. Whether in VXscan, VXinspect, VXmodel or VXscan-R, Creaform says that experts and beginners alike will discover new and improved tools that will make their work easier, faster and more profitable.

In a desire to perfect VXelements and the synergy between the software and hardware, Creaform has upgraded each VX module to meet the ever-changing needs of users and today’s constantly evolving industries.

Among the important advantages of this latest version is the new VXelements viewer. Used for data sharing, this free version of the platform will enable customers or colleagues outside the team to visualise data first hand, making collaborative projects simpler and faster.

In addition, ‘smart resolution’ is now available for the latest generation of Creaform 3D scanners. This new feature allows users to generate scans from multiple resolution levels to better reproduce details, edges and high curvatures. Higher levels of resolution can be automatically created in several ways: by software intelligence; by being triggered from the scanner; and by being generated from a selection on the mesh or from a template.

With the addition of features such as ‘flatten’ mesh, ‘extrude’ boundaries and ‘extend’ boundaries, the VXmodel module will enable users to carry out post-treatment operations on 3D scan data simply and effortlessly, reports Creaform.

Regarding VXinspect, quick inspection tools – such as one-click entity creation, new construction methods for geometrical entities, and new reporting capabilities – are just a few of the improvements that will add simplicity and flexibility to the 3D inspection software.

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Forterro acquires 123 Insight

Forterro, a European provider of ERP software solutions to more than 7000 mid-market production companies, has acquired UK-based 123 Insight Ltd, a provider of MRP/ERP SaaS solutions for manufacturers of all sizes. The acquisition of 123 Insight – Forterro’s ninth in Europe since 2011 and first in the UK – marks an important strategic milestone for Forterro, giving the group its initial footprint in one of Europe’s top industrial production markets. Guy Amoroso and Craig Grant, co-founders of 123 Insight, will continue to support the business in the short-term, with the backing of their existing management team.

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Automated in-line dimension measurement

Nikon Metrology has added two new models to its Nexiv S-range of CNC video measuring systems, which are suitable for in-line, automated dimensional measurement tasks. The latest systems can automatically measure the dimensions of component features using Nikon’s optical and image processing technology. By analysing the captured image of a component, detecting feature edges at high speed accurately and repeatably, it is possible to quickly measure components with simple or complex features.

In November 2020, Nikon released the first in its line-up of new VMZ-S systems, the VMZ-S3020, which is part of the fourth generation of the series. Today, the VMZ-S4540 and VMZ-S6555 join and expand this line-up and are solutions for inspecting medium and large components, or multiple smaller components. Now that the full line-up is available, it is possible to select the most suitable machine according to a customer’s applications and installation environment.

Nexiv systems achieve high measurement accuracy using a stage featuring high-precision linear encoders. The Nexiv VMZ-S series is capable of capturing and processing images at higher speeds than the predecessor range. This advance has made it possible to reduce component measurement times without compromising accuracy or reproducibility.

Nikon has designed an optimised optical system to deliver high-quality images and acquire accurate measurement data from within the field of view. With a movable LED ring light and eight-segment LED illumination, users can resolve and capture the edges of complex shapes. In addition, a high-speed laser scanning at 1000 points per second is able to acquire the cross-sectional profile over a surface and evaluate the relative heights. This capability meets surface quality and feature measurement needs across a variety of samples.

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FANUC builds new technical centre

FANUC is constructing a new technical centre at its Neuhausen site in Germany. The building will provide approximately 6000 sq m of space for the company’s European development centre and technical support organisation. FANUC hopes to open the facility in 2023. Housing over 400 employees, there will be more space for software development and test runs, as well as for functional and application tests on a variety of machines and robots. The technical centre’s machine hall alone will cover more than 2000 sq m. In total, FANUC is investing around €22m million in the building and associated car park.

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Stauff signs global partnership with Unison

Stauff, a global manufacturer and supplier of precision fluid power products for mechanical, industrial and plant engineering, has signed a five-year strategic partnership with UK-based Unison, a specialist in all-electric tube bending machinery. Unison has supplied Stauff’s global facilities with Unison Breeze electric tube manipulation machines for more than 10 years. The strategic partnership takes the relationship between the two businesses to a new level and reflects the high degree of service and support that Unison has provided to Stauff over that period.

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