Plan for growth at MACH 2022

With less than 200 days to go until the opening of MACH 2022, the first national gathering of the UK engineering community post-COVID-19, manufacturers are being urged to use the exhibition to plan their growth strategies and take advantage of booming market conditions.

Show organiser, the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), says positive economic forecasts suggest there is a strong appetite among manufacturers to do business and, with investment incentives in place, there has never been a better time to acquire machinery that can facilitate growth.

The showpiece exhibition takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on 4-8 April 2022. Even with almost seven months until the doors open, the event is already three quarters sold, with more firms are signing up all the time. Recent MACH editions have seen over 20,000 visitors attend.

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Coborn relies on Kaydon bearings

Coborn Engineering, which designs and manufactures specialised CNC grinding, polishing and lapping machines for the diamond tooling and gemstone industries, is taking advantage of Kaydon bearings from RA Rodriguez to help boost the performance of its Planetary Grinding (PG) series machines. In this extremely high-precision application, Kaydon bearings are an essential element of the machine, allowing users to process diamond cutting tools to radius form waviness levels of 50 nm (0.00005 mm).

The latest version of the PG series, the PG6, is an automatic, ultra-high precision grinding machine for processing natural or synthetic SCD tools. Coborn’s PG6 is a world-first engineering solution that relies on high-quality bearings for the precision manufacture of controlled waviness and complex geometry tools.

To verify the performance of its PG6 machines, Coborn performs a TRC [tool radius check], which is essentially a microscope with image analysis software to measure tool radius and radius waviness.

“The system generates custom-designed QC graphical data sheets that we can then supply with the associated tool,” explains Bullman. “Our PG Series machines generate waviness values of sub 50 nm, which is market leading. The bearings are a key part of the machine, allowing users to process diamond tooling to these accuracies.”

RA Rodriguez supplies Coborn with Kaydon KD series high-precision, angular contact, preloaded bearings in duplex (back-to-back) configuration. Each Coborn PG machine requires a pair of these 7-inch diameter bearings. The company has been a customer of RA Rodriguez for the past 22 years and has been using Kaydon KD series bearings since 2013.

Concludes Bullman: “We are a very well established customer of RA Rodriguez and appreciate their high-quality products and the support offered over the years, which continues to this day.”

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NMIS and Boeing open R&D facility

The National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) and the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing, have officially opened a new research and development (R&D) facility in Westway Park, Renfrewshire. At over 60,000 sq ft, the new NMIS facility incorporates the Metallics Research Centre with Boeing, which will see the delivery of the aerospace giant’s £11.8m R&D programme in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), part of the NMIS Group.

Aiming to reduce materials waste and identify opportunities that improve safety, productivity and the environmental impact of its aircraft, technical teams from Boeing and NMIS are exploring novel manufacturing technologies for metallic components, building on over a decade’s worth of R&D with the University of Strathclyde and the AFRC, where Boeing is a founding partner. The new R&D facility will house cutting-edge manufacturing equipment for use across NMIS projects.

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Citizen holding post-EMO open house

Citizen Machinery UK is holding an open house at its Bushey, Hertfordshire headquarters and recently opened Solutions Centre this week (12-14 October). The company sells its Japanese principal’s sliding-head (Cincom) and fixed-head (Miyano) bar-fed CNC turn-milling centres into the UK and Irish markets, and is the distribution hub for Citizen machines going into France, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Africa.

Managing director Edward James says: “We are delighted to re-introduce the physical in-house exhibition format, where people can actually attend and network with others. We will not only be celebrating the return of this annual event, but commemorating a true milestone in the development of Citizen Machinery UK, as the open house will mark the fifth anniversary of the launch of our ground-breaking LFV (low frequency vibration) chip-breaking software.”

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Cutters suit aluminium aerospace parts

With the MD266 Supreme solid-carbide milling cutter for the aerospace industry, Walter is launching a universal aluminium specialist. The tool is suitable for all roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations in ISO N materials.

In the new range, Walter offers the uncoated MD266 Supreme (z2/z3) with centre cut and a reduced neck from 2 to 25 mm diameter. A radius at the end of the cutting edge minimises transition steps when wall finishing. According to Walter, this concept is why the milling cutter is suitable for machining deep pockets where slot milling or ramping has preceded in the process. The internal coolant with axial outlet from 6 mm diameter maximises lubrication and improves chip evacuation. As a result, long tool life is possible with minimal build-up on the cutting edge, thereby ensuring increased process reliability.

The high operational smoothness of the MD266 Supreme is the result of a 30° helix angle and low-vibration micro-geometry. These features are a particular advantage for users because high speeds are frequently accompanied by challenging conditions. Walter’s MD266 Supreme is specifically for machining wrought aluminium alloys, particularly in applications where the focus is on high power and high metal removal rates, as well as process reliability.

Examples include the machining of structural parts in the aerospace industry, as well as components in general engineering. MD266 Supreme is capable of full slotting and ramping and, alongside its high performance and process reliability, is impressive due to its suitability for universal applications.

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