Building giant press brakes at Ursviken

The sheet metal solution and service providers at Ursviken have a reputation for thinking big. Indeed, the team is currently constructing the largest press brake in the industry. The Optima will have a bending length of 73 ft, a bending force of 5500 US tons and stand 33 ft above floor level. This enormous press brake will be anchored in a pit 20 ft deep. According to Anton Nordqvist, technical sales support for Ursviken, it will take operators more than 1 minute to walk around the machine. Seven front and back gauges, 11 sheet followers and approximately 500 ft of linear rails are key components of the design/build, with the company expecting completion in first quarter of this year.

“A single, large press brake can give a manufacturer more flexibility to bend bigger, longer parts because you aren’t limited by a C-frame configuration,” explains Jamie Sims, general manager at Ursviken Inc.

The new press brake showcases the company’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the capabilities of the metal fabrication industry. Notably, the machine features state-of-the-art automation technologies that significantly enhance productivity, precision and ease of operation. Automatic upper tool changes, variable die tooling and fully programmable front and back gauges are just a few examples of the cutting-edge features that contribute to the machine’s performance. 

Nicklas Jakobsson, CEO at Ursviken Technology, says: “The sale of the largest press brake ever built showcases our dedication to providing our customers with the most advanced and innovative solutions available in the market.” 

Ursviken says its milestone machine is the latest in a line of industry firsts that include automated sheet flipping technology, integrated CNC crowning, CNC variable die tools and the company’s proprietary FlexiCrown CNC crowning system.

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Significant step forward for Clijsters BVBA

Clijsters BVBA has commissioned a new SafanDarley H-Brake 700T Ultra. This hydraulic press brake has a capacity of 700 tonnes and can bend sheets up to 7 m long. The investment marks a significant step forward in Clijsters’ production capacity.

The decision to invest in the new press brake stemmed from the need to replace an old machine. Managers at Clijsters BVBA searched for a modern press brake that would better meet its specific production needs. After extensive research and consultation, the company chose SafanDarley, partly because of the company’s ability to provide tailor-made solutions.

SafanDarley adapted the new hydraulic press brake to Clijsters BVBA’s specific requirements. Providing significantly improved accuracy and precision, the H-Brake will play a crucial role in increasing production efficiency and delivering high-quality products that meet Clijsters BVBA’s strict standards.

One of the added options is SafanDarley’s advanced laser angle measuring system: E-Bend L-Blue. This dedicated angle measurement system allows Clijsters BVBA to measure the angles of the material that requires bending in real time using laser technology. Measurement data is then automatically used to control the press brake, minimising human error and raising production quality to a higher level.

Eric Clijsters, director of Clijsters BVBA, speaks enthusiastically about the investment: “The purchase of our new press brake marks an important milestone. We’re always delighted to increase our production capacity and invest in the latest technologies. This modern press brake allows us to meet the ever-growing demand of our customers while ensuring the highest quality.”

Frank Clijsters, co-owner of Clijsters BVBA, adds: “We are convinced that this new press brake will enable us to serve our customers even better and exploit new business opportunities.”

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Innovative bending solutions showcased by RAS

At November’s Blechexpo exhibition in Stuttgart, RAS showcased its extensive range of cutting-edge sheet metal machinery solutions. Among the highlights was the RAS MEGAbend, the Multibend Center ECOauto, the FLEXI2bend, and advanced beading, flanging and folding machines. RAS machines are available in the UK from Press & Shear.

The MEGAbend stood out with its high performance and precision, capable of bending steel measuring up to 6 mm thick. According to Press & Shear, its advanced features set new benchmarks in sheet metal processing.

Also on display, the Multibend Center ECOauto demonstrated its innovative automation functions, significantly boosting production efficiency, while the FLEXI2bend was showcased as a versatile tool for various bending applications, highlighting the diversity of the RAS product line. Beading, folding and flanging machines completed the portfolio, highlighting the expertise of RAS in forming technology.

The company’s exhibition stand was a showcase of more than just cutting-edge sheet metal machinery; it was a testament to modern design and thoughtful product presentation, including live demonstrations. These demonstrations, alongside the stand’s structured layout, allowed visitors to gain a hands-on understanding of RAS’s innovative offerings and see the machinery in action.

Blechexpo was marked by active engagement, with visitors showing keen interest in the machines on display. Technical discussions at the stand reflected a dynamic exchange on the latest trends in sheet metal processing, with positive feedback underscoring the alignment of RAS with industry needs.

The trade fair marked a significant milestone for RAS. It provided an excellent platform to showcase the company’s latest technologies and innovations to a broad audience. The positive reception has bolstered the optimistic outlook of RAS for the future.

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SafeChem Europe acquired by Itelyum

Italian group Itelyum, a champion for the circular economy through the management and recycling of industrial waste, has acquired SafeChem Europe GmbH, a chemical service company and solvent risk management expert in the metal cleaning sector. SafeChem is an expert in enabling the safe and sustainable use of solvents. The company develops innovative business models, products and services to optimise the balance between ecology, economy and social responsibility. The acquisition has received all necessary approvals. Financial details remain confidential.

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Schwarze-Robitec celebrates 120th anniversary

A historic milestone for Schwarze-Robitec: in December 2023, the tube bending specialist was able to celebrate 120 years of expertise in mechanical engineering. The company provides customised and high-performance tube bending solutions, ranging from individual machines to fully automated bending cells.

Founded in 1903 as Gebrüder Schwarze (Schwarze Brothers), Schwarze-Robitec has specialised in tube bending for more than nine decades. The company has been headquartered in Cologne from the very beginning and today presents itself as a technology partner for first-class tube bending solutions. Schwarze-Robitec tailors all bending machines to individual requirements and manufactures its tube benders in Germany.

The product portfolio of the tube bending specialist reflects the diversity of the industries it serves: from the high-performance series for the automotive and aerospace industries, through heavy-duty machines for plant construction, shipbuilding and the offshore industry, to the boiler and power series for the power plant sector.

In 1976, the company presented the world’s first CNC tube bending machine, followed by the first multi-radius bending machine in 1988. Fully electric machines arrived at the turn of the millennium, and in 2018 Schwarze-Robitec could offer the world’s largest full-electric multiple-radius tube bending machine.

Since 2020, Schwarze-Robitec has expanded its expertise into the rapidly growing sector of electromobility. Here, precision manufacturing is crucial: the busbars required for e-mobility require accurate bending while considering individual geometries and without damaging the insulation. The demand for fully automated bending processes is also rising. This concept involves integrating numerous upstream and downstream processes, such as assembly, end forming and measuring, into the tube bending cell. Incorporating additional systems for tube feeding and/or robots is also among the specific requirements for fully automatic tube processing. For further information