Metalex Vietnam goes virtual

The organiser of Metalex Vietnam has taken the decision to convert the 2020 edition of the exhibition to an online format.

A statement said the move followed close monitoring of the COVID-19 situation and guidance issued by the government and public health authorities. The Metalex Vietnam Online Edition will be live for two weeks, commencing on 10 October. Among the highlights will be virtual meetings and business matching events, machinery showcases, and technology talks.

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Faro acquires Advanced Technical Solutions

Metrology specialist Faro Technologies has acquired Advanced Technical Solutions in Scandinavia AB (ATS), a Sweden-based expert in 3D digital-twin solutions.

Founded in 1990, ATS has enjoyed particular success in the automotive space. The acquisition will integrate ATS software and its proprietary Traceable 3D system, which enables highly accurate and repeatable 3D scans, into the Faro Webshare cloud platform. ATS’ system connects the physical to the digital world and is expected to bolster Faro’s ability to improve its customers’ time to decision with 10x faster 3D imaging at up to 1 mm accuracy.
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Lenox launches Armor VP bandsaw blade

Lenox continues to advance its range of industrial products with the introduction of the new Armor VP bandsaw blade.

The Armor VP is pitched at customers seeking high cutting rates and long blade life across a wide range of materials. Target users include steel service centres and metal manufacturers within the aerospace, oil and gas, and defence industries.
Armor blades by Lenox were first introduced to the market in 2005, and the company has continued to make enhancements to the product line over the years, the latest of which is the Armor VP.
A major feature of the blade is its state-of-the-art coating technology – an enhanced AlTiN formulation that protects the teeth from heat, allowing for faster cutting rates and increased productivity compared with non-coated carbide blades. In addition, an advanced grade of carbide that is honed with Honex technology limits tooth wear, enabling long blade life.
“The Armor VP bandsaw blade is already performing extremely well with our customers, allowing them to increase their productivity,” confirms Dan Fernandes, senior product manager. “At Lenox we’re committed to understanding the needs of our customers and designing innovative tools that help them to be more efficient in their everyday tasks.”
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Bahco unveils cutting discs

Bahco’s range of power-tool accessories, which is said to be widely acclaimed by trade professionals, is now being extended to include high-performance abrasive cutting and grinding wheels, as well as diamond discs.

Manufactured in Europe, these competitively priced, hard-wearing products have been designed for working with hard-to-machine materials, including metal, Inox, reinforced concrete, ceramics, brick and stone. The assortment includes both bonded abrasive and coated abrasive cutting and grinding wheels, along with diamond grit discs.
Bonded abrasives are ideal for cutting off or grinding using hand-held equipment, including angle grinders, straight grinders and vertical grinders, while coated abrasives are universally used to grind, deburr, finish or polish workpieces in metal and Inox.
Three variants of diamond cutting discs are available within the new Bahco range, which are designed specifically for cutting bricks, ceramics or reinforced concrete.
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Kyocera unveils parting-off solution

With the new KPK series, Kyocera is adding a new product line to its parting-off range. The KPK series has been developed to provide a high-performance parting-off solution supported by a strong clamping mechanism for added safety and security.

Kyocera’s KPK series is said to ensure stable and safe cutting. When it comes to parting-off operations in general, the workpiece can be difficult to secure, which leads to rigidity and chattering issues. Therefore, the cutting speed is usually low at the rotational centre of the workpiece. In addition, tools tend to be broken easily by chip issues.
All of these problems are said to be eradicated with the KPK series as it features a new insert, blade and tool-block design for rigid, safe and speedy parting-off operations in workpiece materials that include steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium. Due to easy insert replacement, downtime is reduced to a minimum. The firmly-secured insert uses three contact surfaces to ensure safe clamping, which eliminates chattering and makes the parting-off process a lot safer.
Proprietary chip-breaker technology is inherited from the KGD line-up and is said to provide excellent chip control. Thanks to this technology, tool life is longer and the machining stable, says Kyocera. The rigid tool-holder block not only prevents chattering, but provides internal coolant, which again increases tool life, even under normal pressure.
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