Two new models expand EDM range

The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has introduced a new addition to the Gantry Eagle series of die -sink EDM machines with the arrival of the Eagle G50 and G80 Competition from OPS Ingersoll. OPS Ingersoll has taken the ergonomics and bridge design of the Gantry Eagle platform and combined it with the generator and programming of the G5 Precision.

With the new Eagle G50 and G80 gantry concept, featuring three open sides and a programable rise and fall four-sided tank that arrives full of dielectric, OPS Ingersoll says it is introducing a production technology with astounding electrode usage – even in graphite to VDI 8.

In developing the Eagle G50 and G80, the aim was to create a machine capable of delivering the highest surface finish capability and remove many of the known issues in graphite usage. The Eagle G50 and G80 now provide multi-cavity, low-wear machining that OPS Ingersoll says was not available in this class of machine until now.

From a specification perspective, the Eagle G50 has a 750 x 650 mm table with work tank dimensions of 770 x 670 x 440 mm and a dielectric level height of 450 mm. Within this envelope, the new machine offers 525 x 400 x 450 mm of travel with a distance from the head to the table ranging from 135 to 585 mm. OPS Ingersoll says that no other machine can offer this amount of useable volume within these movements, allowing the machining of small and larger workpieces from one reference.

The G80 has a work tank of 800 x 1100 mm and maintains the same useable field philosophy as the G50.

OPS Ingersoll’s G50 and G80 Competition both incorporate the new Eagle Powerspark One control system and Eagle Powerspark Editor (PSE) programming software.

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New Winbro EDM drilling range

When it comes to single or multi-hole high-speed EDM drilling, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) says it is breaking the boundaries of convention with the introduction of the Winbro HSD6-III high-speed EDM drilling system.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by the Winbro Technologies Group, the HSD6-III high-speed EDM system is said to offer industry-leading performance while maintaining stringent metallurgical requirements that are commonplace in the aerospace and IGT markets. Winbro’s HSD6-III is for the machining of cooling holes, forms and features in turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes, seal segments and other components that require high-speed EDM drilling. The machine is capable of producing round, elliptical and 2D/3D shaped diffusers.

Offering production rates up to five times faster than conventional EDM machines, the Winbro HSD6-III is suitable for processing round holes from 0.3 to 3 mm diameter with a maximum depth up to 100 mm. Precision is assured with Winbro’s advanced and patented six-point probing system.

The work envelope of the Winbro HSD6-III offers an X, Y and Z axis of 200 x 200 x 250 mm that can accommodate workpieces up to 225 x 225 x 225 mm. In addition, the rotary A axis of ±185°, B axis of 135° +100° and a rotary C axis of ±8° enables component interpolation for complete five-sided part processing in a single set-up.

The tooling configuration of the Winbro HSD6-III is flexible to suit the demands of the end-user with the choice of a single-point rotational or static electrode for non-line-of-sight, or (for high-productivity environments) a multi-tool option with up to 45 sensed electrodes.

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Sheffield demonstration and training centre opens

XYZ Machine Tools, in partnership with Ceratizit UK & Ireland, has opened the doors to its latest demonstration and training centre. Located on the Advanced Manufacturing Park, the centre will support customers looking for the latest in machine tool technology from XYZ Machine Tools. The facility is equipped with a broad range of XYZ machines, from ProtoTRAK controlled lathes and mills, through its heavy-duty and linear rail machining and turning centres, to the flagship UMC-5X five-axis machining centre.
Working with Ceratizit, XYZ customers can visit the centre to investigate not only the machines, but develop machining strategies and improve manufacturing efficiencies. The facility will also serve as a training hub for customers in the region who have purchased new machine tools, where they can take advantage of the classroom facilities alongside hands-on practical use of the machines.
On the opening day, visitors from across the manufacturing sector descended on the centre to witness live demonstrations.

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From one thoroughbred to another

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has recently supplied precision subcontract specialist Colt Precision with a new large-capacity vertical machining centre. The machine, a Doosan DNM 6700 with the latest Fanuc 0iMP control, was delivered and installed at the company’s 7000 sq ft facility in Tewkesbury in May 2021, and was supplied with a Nikken 5AX 201FA (4th/5th-axis) rotary tilting table.

Since being installed, the DNM 6700 has been busy machining a range of high-precision, complex parts for the medical, defence, aerospace and general engineering sectors, from materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminium, titanium and plastic.

The Doosan DNM 6700 is a large-capacity vertical machine with 1300 x 670 x 625 mm travels and a 1500 x 670 mm work table. As well as a Nikken 4th/5th-axis unit, the machine was supplied with a Renishaw OMP60 and OTS tool and workpiece probe package for quick and trouble-free in-process inspection and measurements. An MH500 swarf conveyor for high-efficiency chip evacuation also features.

Explains owner and co-director, Simon Tarrant: “The DNM 6700 is a large, powerful machine. It is also extremely rigid, accurate and reliable. All of these attributes make it ideal for machining a range of parts from an equally diverse portfolio of materials.”
In addition to its high specification, other issues impacting Colt Precision’s decision-making process included the machine’s availability, and the aftersales service and support provided by the machine tool supplier.

“Mills CNC has a good reputation in the market for its aftersales service and support,” says Tarrant. “When we placed the machine order it was delivered in double-quick time and, since its installation, hasn’t missed a beat.”

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Tooling specialist opts for Ibarmia

Located near the major automotive OEMs in Warwickshire, 2G Tooling Ltd has rapidly built a prestigious reputation for manufacturing everything from fly press tooling through to large drawn tools. To expand the scope of its tool-making capabilities, the Southam-based subcontractor has recently purchased a large-bed five-axis Ibarmia machining centre from Dugard. The Ibarmia ZVH45 L3000 Star has a 3 m bed, a travelling column, a ±105° B axis, a rotary table and capacity for up to 6-tonne workpieces on the bed.

Managing director Chris Peters says: “The main reason we bought this machine was to give us extra flexibility, extra capacity and more size. It is a much bigger machine than we had previously, which we part-exchanged for the Ibarmia. What sold this machine to us was a Zoom meeting with the Ibarmia factory in Spain. The difference between Ibarmia and what I have seen before from most mass-produced machine manufacturers is a bespoke set-up and a family-run ethos. You could actually see production with more time and care being spent on each machine.”

When asked why the company specified the Ibarmia ZVH45 L3000 Star model, Peters says: “This machine will not only give us extra capacity but much greater flexibility. Having the rotary table and the B axis will allow us to machine components that were very difficult previously.

“The flexibility and reach of the machine will enable us to reduce the overhang of tools from 100-150 mm to 30 to 50 mm,” he continues. “This will improve the stability of our tooling, the surface finishes and, subsequently, improve tool life.”

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