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ND Precision Products (NDPP), an established ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and long-term user of PSL Datatrack production control software, has a stated mission to deliver precise, high-quality tooling to its customers. NDPP has continued to invest in customised PSL Datatrack solutions over the years to help achieve this goal. The latest investment has been in Status Boards: visual displays to provide real-time production flow and order fulfilment information to the shop floor. The Status Boards give shop-floor operators clear visual data on the production status of any job.

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£250,000 polishing line investment

A Black Country manufacturer that puts the finish on boutique hotels, nuclear reactors and life-saving medical equipment has just completed its latest investment drive. Professional Polishing Services (PPS), which has increased its workforce by 25% since lockdown eased, has installed a new dull polishing line to help it boost capacity and achieve its target of £2m sales by the end of 2022.

PPS has spent over £250,000 on the latest purchase and this gives it the capability to apply a variety of finishes, such as dull polish and satin finish, on to stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper sheet. The investment comes just two years after it took ownership of new extraction equipment, pick and place systems and two Autopilot PHA bright polishers with automated handling, acquisitions that were only operational for six months before Covid-19 struck.

“Like many firms, we’ve had to withstand some tough times over the past 18 months, but the recovery is now back on and we’re trying to put in place the technology we need to meet escalating demand from pretty much every sector, including automotive, construction, food and drink, nuclear and leisure,” explains Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, managing director of PPS.

“More than £750,000 has been invested in reinforcing our position as a market leader in the past three years and we’re confident this will play a key role in us achieving record performance over the next 12 months,” she adds.

The company’s reputation for quality – all processes are governed by ISO 9001 – and its commitment to fast lead times has seen it grow sales by £500,000 in the past 12 months, taking it to £1.7m by the financial year-end.

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Virtual EMO experience

Mazak is offering European machine users the opportunity to experience the digital Mazak EMO stand by immersing themselves in a full 360° interactive video tour. By visiting, users will have the opportunity to virtually experience the Mazak stand, accessing all the information that was available to a regular stand visitor, from the comfort of their own mobile phone or office desktop. The virtual experience is packed with information about Mazak’s world debuts, integrated automation solutions and CNC technology.

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Mecaline brand enters UK marketplace

Brammer Buck & Hickman, a supplier of industrial MRO products and services, has expanded its exclusive Mecaline brand of pneumatics, offering customers over 3000 product lines. Mecaline is recognised in the UK for its mechanical and power transmission products, but across Europe this brand is also well known for its pneumatics range. Due to popular demand, the Mecaline pneumatics series is now available in the UK, providing customers with products that are said to combine quality and reliability, backed by Brammer Buck & Hickman’s engineering expertise.

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Globally renowned as a leading designer and manufacturer of high-fidelity sound system equipment, such as turntables, streaming systems, amps and speakers, Linn Products employs approximately 160 people at the company’s impressive Glasgow headquarters. Rather than pursue a business model of planned obsolescence, due to the modular nature of Linn Products’ hardware and software, all of the company’s systems are upgradeable. In addition to the ability to evolve, the enduring quality and longevity of the company’s systems ensures the best sound possible for the lifetime of each product.

Quality permeates every aspect of Linn’s activities. To ensure the build quality of the company’s products – and to guarantee their sound reproduction and clarity – in addition to long lasting performance, the company’s staff perform painstaking inspection routines throughout all stages of manufacture.

In order to reduce the company’s reliance on subcontractors, further increase the autonomous nature of its manufacturing operation and provide even greater control over the quality of its components, Linn Products recently made several investments in advanced machine tools.

These investments included the purchase of a bespoke manufacturing cell from Mills CNC. The fully automated system includes a Doosan DVF 5000 five-axis machine tool and a Fanuc six-axis industrial robot. The impressive new cell now runs unattended overnight and at weekends, and has provided significant productivity gains.

Due to the enhanced accuracy capabilities and the high-yield nature of Linn Products’ new manufacturing plant, Chris O’Brien, director of operations, searched for an advanced CMM that had the ability to keep pace with the company’s increased production of precise components. Following a successful and practical demonstration at Mitutoyo’s East Kilbride showroom, an order was placed for a recently launched Crysta-Apex S series CNC CMM.

Explaining Linn Products’ passionate quality philosophy and the purchase of the Crysta-Apex S, O’Brien says: “Ever since Linn Products was stablished in 1973, we have constantly pushed technology forwards in the pursuit of perfect sound. From our very first product, the iconic Sondek LP12 turntable, we have been at the forefront of audio technology.

“All of our high-fidelity sound systems are assembled by hand at our Glasgow factory, and each one bears the name of the person who made it,” he continues. “Our systems are engineered to extraordinarily tight tolerances. To help ensure the continuing quality of our products and guarantee their prolonged performance, all systems are subject to painstaking inspection and testing at each stage of manufacture. Then, prior to despatch, we thoroughly test every product to ensure that it delivers outstanding performance.

After bringing the machining of many of its previously outsourced components in-house, Linn Products needed to source a highly efficient and accurate means of providing inspection.

“Having considered other options, a demonstration of a Crysta-Apex S at our local Mitutoyo showroom proved that it was the ideal advanced CMM for our demanding needs,” says O’Brien. “As it had the ideal size to accommodate our components, we ordered a Crysta-Apex S544 model with a capacity of 500 x 400 x 400 mm.

“Following our new Mitutoyo CMM’s trouble-free installation, our engineering staff were trained in its operation,” continues O’Brien. “As the CMM’s operating system and software are so logical and intuitive, our staff could soon perform a range of inspection routines. Although, when needed they can request help over the telephone from Mitutoyo’s technical staff. Our Crysta-Apex S series machine is now making a significant contribution to Linn Products’ quality management systems.”

Mitutoyo CMMs come in a wide range of sizes and accuracy classes, enabling them to cover practically all precision 3D measuring applications. A large variety of contact and non-contact probes are available, allowing users to perform a wide range of different measurement routines. Complementing Mitutoyo’s CMM hardware, the company’s powerful, yet easy-to-use analysis software allows the interpretation of all measurement results in the timely manner that is so essential for keeping pace with today’s fast-paced production speeds.

The Crysta-Apex S series of high-accuracy CNC CMMs guarantee a maximum permissible length measurement error of E0,MPE = (1.7+3L/1000) μm [500/700/900 series]. In addition, the CMMs deliver a maximum drive speed of 519 mm/s and a maximum acceleration of 2309 mm/s2, resulting in an increase of almost 100 mm in drive distance per second when compared with general-purpose CNC CMMs.

Designed to deliver high rigidity, Mitutoyo’s Crysta-Apex S series CMMs feature unyielding structures. The Y-axis guide rails, which are attached to one side of the granite surface plates, help the machines to maintain high levels of accuracy over years of use. The CMM’s air bearings are located on the bottom faces of the guide rails; also on the front, rear and upper surfaces of the X-axis slider unit. This arrangement helps to minimise vibration, even during high-speed, high-acceleration movements, and ensure stable linear motion. The high-speed and high-acceleration qualities of Crysta-Apex S CMMs dramatically reduces measuring times, says Mitutoyo.

In addition to being a CMM suitable for use in pristine quality departments, thanks to the use of a temperature compensation system, Crysta-Apex S CMMs are able to guarantee the accuracy of measurement under temperature conditions of 16 to 26°C. The temperature compensation system is based on permanently installed temperature sensors located on each scale, working together with sensors placed on the workpiece.

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