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Assisting in quest for highest quality

NEMA Ltd, a manufacturer of motors, actuators and electromechanical assemblies, has invested in the latest Keyence IM series measurement system.
Andy Wilding, managing director at NEMA Ltd, says: “Aiming for, and indeed maintaining, the highest possible standards is an absolute necessity for us. We were committed to investing heavily in our inspection facilities, and had already identified areas where we felt improvements could be made.”

Companies involved in the aerospace industry face very stringent inspection requirements. These needs can be time consuming, putting a bottleneck on production, reducing productivity and, ultimately, costing money. In some cases, they may even provide a barrier to dealing with some of the larger tier-one companies.
With the IM series, more accurate measurements can be made and, in a short space of time, bottlenecks can be eliminated and costs reduced, says the company.
“With new equipment and a controlled environment, we felt the IM series was a key device for us to acquire,” continues Wilding. “In a nutshell: it matched our needs perfectly.”
The IM series image dimension measurement system was selected because of its range of specialist measurement tools, its built-in dimensional reporting feature and its speed of operation, among other criteria. These features all play a role in NEMA’s design, development and repair of electric motors and electro-mechanical assemblies. In addition, the image-measurement system allows NEMA personnel to measure more accurately than before.
“This Keyence device has proved essential to satisfy the needs of our varied customer base, which includes a number of tier-one aerospace companies,” concludes Wilding.
For further information www.keyence.co.uk

Creaform releases HandyScan AeroPack

The Creaform HandyScan AeroPack is a new 3D scanning solution suite that addresses the specific challenges of aircraft quality control, such as assessing damage from hailstorms or aircraft incidents, as well as flap and spoiler inspection. HandyScan AeroPack can also be used for reverse engineering, maintenance and repair operations, and designing hard-to-acquire spare parts. The suite is available in the UK from Measurement Solutions.

Creaform’s HandyScan AeroPack includes HandyScan 3D, a metrology-grade, portable 3D scanner designed to acquire accurate, repeatable and reliable measurements – even in difficult environments, such as aircraft hangers or shop floors, and with both complex surfaces and parts of all sizes. Also featured is SmartDent 3D, an aircraft surface inspection software for assessing aircraft flaps, spoilers and fuselage panels. VXinspect, a dimensional inspection software module for quality control workflows and inspection reports, and VXmodel, a post-treatment software module to finalise and further process 3D scan data in any CAD solution, complete the offer.
Simple and intuitive to use by operators of any skill level, HandyScan AeroPack makes quality control and reverse engineering processes efficient by reducing user impact on measurement results and accelerating the generation time for final reports or CAD designs.
HandyScan 3D is listed in the Airbus Technical Equipment Manual, and is part of Boeing’s Service Letter, meaning it can be used for recording the physical attributes of dents on all Boeing commercial aircraft.
“Aerospace is facing increasing challenges due to manufacturers’ accelerated innovation, stricter regulatory standards, heightened concerns for passenger safety, mounting costs of grounded aircraft and profitability targets,” explains Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, product manager at Creaform. “As the HandyScan AeroPack was developed with these challenges in mind, aircraft and MRO companies can now tackle them head on.”
For further information www.creaform3d.com

Disrupting the metal AM market

The AMRC has joined forces with a UK technology start-up and a global engineering giant in a transatlantic bid to disrupt the $3bn metal additive manufacture (AM) market by using AI and robotics to carry out the otherwise labour-intensive removal of support structures.

Project SALSA (Separation of Additive-Layer Supports by Automation) will see the development of a tool that will use robotics and machine vision to detect and remove supports from metal-additive parts. Led by Bristol-based Additive Automations, SALSA also involves Renishaw Canada, the National Research Council Canada (NRCC) and the AMRC.
For further information www.amrc.co.uk