Affordable fibre laser cutters

Haco, a manufacturer of machinery for processing sheet-metal components, is launching a range of affordable fibre laser cutting machines.

Complementing the company’s existing series of fully automated fibre-laser systems, the move ends a 30-year period of offering CO2 laser cutters. Availability in the UK is via subsidiary and Haco group member, Kingsland Engineering.
The HFL series is aimed at small and medium-sized companies looking to enter the fibre laser era. HFL machines offer a fully enclosed fibre laser cutting system, based on a rigid frame, with low-inertia moving parts to enable high acceleration and increased production output. A dual pallet exchange table further helps to maximise productivity, supported by short cycle times.
Haco’s HFL series offers a choice of fibre power from 2 to 12 kW, Precitech cutting heads and Beckhoff control systems. Cutting table dimensions are offered from 3000 x 1500 mm, to 8000 x 2500 mm.
The application of proven technology ensures a reliable and efficient investment, with performance levels to suit current and future production.
“The new Haco fibre lasers are a testament to our vision in offering innovative and high-quality products with the best price-to-quality ratio,” says Frank Havegeer, CEO of Haco Group.
According to the company, the HFL series is pitched as an ideal stepping stone for companies looking to expand their capabilities with a moderately priced, yet high performance, laser cutting machine.
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Sliding head boosts business at TNC

Essex-based subcontractor TNC Precision Engineering has expanded its sliding-head capacity to facilitate an application for a prismatic component previously manufactured overseas.

With a target cycle time of 3-4 minutes needed for TNC to make the part profitable using aircraft-grade aluminium 7075, the applications department at Star GB was confident that the component could be manufactured within the required parameters. Armed with this knowledge and, despite not being a route TNC would typically consider, the company commissioned a full turnkey package with Star GB. This package would allow the company to hit the ground running following delivery and installation.
The machine identified for the project was one of Star’s most advanced guide bush/non-guide bush models, the SV-38R. This high-specification machine combines the fast processing ability of a traditional platen-type sliding-head lathe with the flexibility of a turret machine to enable simultaneous machining operations. The turret includes an independent Z3 axis, allowing two different features to be machined at the same time using Star’s ‘super-position’ control mode.
Through a combination of utilising the machine’s balanced milling capability, specifically selected tooling and comprehensive process development, the final cycle time achieved was just 3 minutes and 13 seconds.
Director Stephen Westall says: “For this type of component, we would typically be looking at a five-axis machining centre, but from our estimations, they simply couldn’t get anywhere near this cycle time. The balanced milling capability of the SV-38R is a game-changer and it’s going
to open a world of opportunities for us.”
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3DP in action

HP Inc and its global digital manufacturing community are mobilising their 3D-printing teams, technology, experience and production capacity to help deliver critical parts in the effort to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 1000 3D-printed parts have already been delivered to local hospitals. HP’s 3D R&D centres in Barcelona, Oregon, San Diego, California and Vancouver are collaborating with partners around the world in a co-ordinated effort. Initial applications being validated and finalised for industrial production include face masks, face shields, mask adjusters, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers and respirator parts.
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Tornos MultiSwiss 8×26 now available

Now available in the UK from Tornos is the MultiSwiss 8×26, one of a family of three ranging from 14 to 32 mm spindle size.

Equipped with eight spindles and eight slides for main operations, and accommodating up to three tools per slide, Tornos says that the MultiSwiss 8×26 takes the performance of the MultiSwiss range to another level, both in terms of component complexity and productivity. With eight synchronous motor spindles and fast barrel indexing, the MultiSwiss 8×26 can produce turned parts up to 26 mm diameter.
Offering independently operating 11 kW motor spindles that are equipped with a C axis and counter spindle, the MultiSwiss 8×26 can reach speeds of 8000 rpm in tenths of a second.
Availability comes in three configurations, including: the entry-level option of working without a Y axis; the option with three Y axes for intermediate applications; and the complete machine with six Y axes for the most complex parts. In each machining position, the operator can tailor the speed and machining conditions as required.
Regarding ergonomics, Tornos says the machine boasts the largest working area on the market, with its ‘walk-in’ accessibility offering real savings when changing over jobs. This concept makes the MultiSwiss as simple to set-up as a single-spindle turning machine; the only difference ultimately lies in the number of spindle collets to change. Each spindle is equipped with a C axis, and the machine’s hydrostatic spindle bearing technology offers dampening performance when machining. The MultiSwiss can improve surface finishes and extend tool life by an average of 30%, and up to 70% in some cases, minimising machine stoppages, reports Tornos.
The pre-adjustable quick-change tool-holder system developed for MultiSwiss machines makes full use of kinematics that focus upon keeping tools close to the workpiece. As a result, the machine can hold up to three tools in each position. Tornos offers a range of options to
meet user preferences and choices, and this includes a FANUC CNC unit.
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Latest XYZ turning centres

Newly available from XYZ Machine Tools are the latest additions to its Compact Turn turning centre range, the XYZ CT65HD and the XYZ CT52LR.

The XYZ CT65HD replaces the existing Compact Turn CT65 and comes with a maximum turned length of more than double its predecessor, at 535 mm, and a total Z-axis travel of 550 mm. Another enhancement is greater coolant delivery pressure of 30 l/min at 2.5 bar.
XYZ’s HD (heavy duty) designation relates to the construction, which remains as a solid Meehanite ribbed casting with the X and Y axes positioned along hardened and ground box slide-ways by means of ball-screws that have been increased in size to 28 and 40 mm respectively, with 20 m/min feed rates. The spindle prevails as an 18 kW unit with a maximum speed of 4500 rpm, while the 12-position 30VDI turret remains as standard, along with the MT4 tailstock offering 90 mm of travel.
Notably, the CT52LR mirrors the development of XYZ Machine Tools’ machining centre range, with the introduction of linear-rail technology to its turning centres for the first time.
Offering a 300 mm maximum turned length and 52 mm bar capacity, the XYZ CT52LR provides users with an entry into turning-centre ownership and, when combined with a machining centre from XYZ’s LR range, delivers a price-competitive package for any subcontractor that is unsure of what work will come in from week-to-week, says the company.
Additional specifications of the CT52LR include: an 11.2 kW spindle, which is capable of running at 4500 rpm; 300 mm maximum swing; 180 mm maximum turned diameter; axis travels in X and Z of 165 and 315 mm respectively;
and a 10-position block-type turret providing plenty of machining options.
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