Lathe update broadens its appeal

Although already featuring the latest RLX ProtoTRAK control, XYZ Machine Tools has now introduced a range of options to further enhance the appeal of its RLX 780 heavy-duty CNC lathe (3000 mm between centre distance and 780 mm swing over the bed).

The first option, which will prove attractive to the oil and gas sector, is the availability of a 180 mm spindle bore (160 mm standard). This larger size makes the machine ideal for turning 6” API pipe, which has a standard 168 mm outside diameter.

For customers not familiar with the benefits of ProtoTRAK, XYZ Machine Tools has also added the option of a Siemens 828D ShopTurn control. In addition, customers specifying this CNC will benefit from an eight-station turret with live tooling using a 30 VDI connection.

“The RLX 780 has exceeded all of our sales forecasts, which we made prior to COVID-19,” states Nigel Atherton, managing director at XYZ Machine Tools. “It has proved extremely popular across sectors where large capacity mixed with flexibility is required. These latest updates and options will extend its appeal as a cost-effective solution for turning large, long components, but with the flexibility to machine smaller parts when required.”

Aimed at industries such as rail, oil and gas, and general engineering, the standard specification of the RLX 780 includes a 30 kW spindle with Yaskawa inverter drive that delivers infinitely variable speeds across two ranges of 20-417 and 580-1300 rpm. Machine stability comes from its 8600 kg overall weight, with the one-piece solid ribbed cast base featuring a 500 mm wide vee and flat bed.

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Large-capacity turn-mill range

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has introduced a range of large-capacity turn-mill machines. The Puma SMX 5100L series, the largest in Doosan’s SMX series, handles large, heavy workpieces typically found in the aerospace, energy and oil and gas sectors – machining them to completion in a single set-up.

There are four different models in the range, with the largest machines having chuck sizes up to 21”, a maximum turning diameter of 830 mm and a maximum turning length of 3050 mm.

SMX 5100LS and SMX 5100LSB machines are equipped with high-torque, built-in (left and right) spindles (up to 37 kW/2400 rpm) with 0.0001° resolution on their C axes for high-precision contouring. SMX5100L and SMX 5100LB models offer a programmable, servo-driven tailstock (instead of a sub-spindle) for the precision machining of parts such as long shafts and tubes.

All four models carry a versatile B-axis milling head (±120° stroke) that features the Capto C8 quick-change tooling system. Power is via a 37 kW motor that rotates at 10,000 rpm. The roller gear cam mechanism that drives the B axis eliminates backlash and is highly rigid, with a torque rating of up to 2700 Nm.

Ultra-fast rapid traverse rates (40 m/min), Y-axis capability (520 mm) and heavy-duty high-precision roller LM guideways further optimise productivity and performance.

The machines are also equipped with servo-driven tool changers (up to 120 tools), with the machines’ ATCs also having their own touchscreen panel for ease-of-use, efficient job set-up and better process reliability. Long boring bar and long tool magazines are available as options.

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Robotics venture launched

Belgrave & Powell, a specialist engineering services group has established a robotics and automation arm within its machine technology group division. Called Addison Robotics & Automation, the new organisation will focus on the growing trend for automation and robotics to improve productivity and manufacturing efficiency in the UK and overseas.

The 22,000 sq ft machine technology group facility in Preston employs over 50 people and comprises machine design and build, robotic demonstration and applications areas, as well as panel build, a fully equipped tool room and machine shop combined with skilled engineers from electrical, mechanical and tooling disciplines.

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New date for Southern Manufacturing

Following consultation with Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, and the venue’s welcome assistance and understanding, the organiser of Southern Manufacturing has rescheduled the show to take place as a two-day autumn special on 6-7 October 2021. This date diverges from the event’s regular slot in February to avoid conflicting with other events postponed from 2020.

The show’s organiser also makes it clear that Southern Manufacturing will return to its usual position in the calendar in 2022, on 8-10 February. A statement reads that the organising team “believes this decision will enable the market as a whole to benefit under more favourable economic and social circumstances”.

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Enhanced furnace temperature monitoring

Ametek Land, a manufacturer of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, has launched the MWIR-B-640 mid-wavelength borescope for furnace applications. Users of the MWIR-B-640 can take, store and trend accurate and radiometric temperature measurement image data over the lifetime of the furnace, providing a continuous and clear view, even through heavy smoke and hot atmospheres.

Applications for the device include hydrocarbon processing reformers; heat treatment; reheat, cement kiln and annealing furnaces; biomass, waste and coal boilers; and incinerators. The new borescope features spectral filtering and a high thermal and spatial resolution to deliver clear live images of the furnace, boiler and stock, with more than 300,000 accurate point temperatures measuring in the range of 300-1200°C and 500-1800°C.

Notably, the high-resolution image of the MWIR-B-640, combined with a 90° wide-angle field of view, allows the imaging and measuring of multiple areas simultaneously. With a wide-angle view into the furnace, users can see the image data in real-time from the safety of the control room. With only a small opening in the wall, the MWIR-B-640 can accurately profile the temperature of the entire furnace without affecting the furnace atmosphere, stock temperature or energy consumption.

“The MWIR-B-640 is an invaluable tool that will prolong furnace and boiler lifetime, optimise production throughput, reduce energy consumption and improve stock temperatures,” says David Primhak, director of development and product management for Ametek Land. “It has a range of innovative features that ensure it is user-friendly, extremely accurate, and offers a high level of asset protection.”

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