Trumpf co-operates with Exploration Co

Trumpf and European space-travel start-up The Exploration Company are co-operating on
the construction of core components for spacecraft used in missions to the earth’s orbit and
the moon. As early as this month, the Exploration Company will use 3D printers from the
laser specialist to print core components of the Huracán and Mistral engines for the Nyx
Earth and Nyx Moon spacecraft.
“Our spacecraft can benefit from Trumpf’s manufacturing and application expertise,” says
Hélène Huby, CEO of The Exploration Company. “Trumpf has decades of experience in the
production of high-precision components.” The start-up plans to send a space capsule to
orbit the earth for several months in an initial mission in 2026. Starting in 2028, further
missions are planned to go to the moon. Initially, the spacecraft will carry freight but in the
long term people will also fly on board.
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Rainford presents latest tooling at MACH 2024

At the MACH 2024 exhibition in Birmingham this week (15-19 April), Rainford Precision is
presenting its latest cutting tool solutions from brands such as Union Tool, Louis Bélet,
Delmeco, Gloor, HOBE, Osawa, DTS, Iwata, 6C Tools, Swissceramill and ATOM. These
respective partners specialise in the manufacture of drills, end mills, reamers, boring bars,
thread mills, slitting saws and more.
Within this diverse portfolio are tools for specialist applications and material types, such as
the Hufschmied brand of milling tools. The Graftor range of end mills from Hufschmied are
specifically for machining graphite, and Rainford says the range can double productivity
rates and tool life in comparison with rival tools.

Offering such a varied platform of specialist cutting tools and micro-tool solutions, Rainford
has recently invested in a Keyence digital microscope to provide a complete tool
investigation and consultancy service for customers in the UK and Ireland. With a niche in
the micro-tooling sphere, Rainford has acquired the new Keyence VHX-970FN digital
microscope to assist customers in diagnosing issues and maximising the performance of
micro and precision cutting tools.
Providing dozens of tooling lines below 1 mm diameter, Rainford says it operates beyond
the remit and scale of other cutting tool vendors. It is here that the new service will
optimise and enhance tool service life and performance for clients.
Commenting on the new investment, Rainford Precision managing director Miles Evans
says: “When you’re servicing customers with tools below 0.5 mm in diameter, diagnosing
and optimising tool life and performance is a challenge. The Keyence system will enable us
to provide a unique service to our customers within the cutting tool marketplace.”
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Easy, accurate digital boring head set-up

Seco Axiabore and Axiabore Plus digital axial boring heads eliminate tedious, inaccurate
boring head adjustments that can lead to scrapped parts. A wide digital display helps for
quick, efficient adjustment and set-up.
“Boring heads typically require a skilled operator for accurate adjustment,” says Seco
product manager Kavita Dandge. “For shops struggling with skilled labour shortages, the
digital axial boring heads use a reversible digital display so operators of any level can make
adjustments without mistakes.”
Cutting-edge displacement is critical to boring accuracy. Seco Axiabore and Axiabore Plus
digital axial boring heads use a digital device to display precise displacement values during
tool set-up. This wide display works with all Seco digital axial boring heads.
Without a digital device, boring head set-up requires time-consuming adjustments of tiny
hard-to-read scales. Seco Axiabore and Axiabore Plus digital axial boring heads allow for
clear and concise adjustments to eliminate virtually all human error. With a wide, easy-to-
read display and convenient button controls, the Seco digital head also shortens set-up
times for greater efficiency and productivity.
For maximum versatility, the Seco digital adjustment device uses no batteries; charging is
via USB and attaches to the boring head with magnets for a tight seal. The elimination of
replaceable batteries prevents contamination during battery changes. Furthermore, the
battery-free design of Seco Axiabore and Axiabore Plus digital axial boring heads remains
sealed to keep dust and coolant out, while the digital display’s single charge lasts for 200

Seco offers the Axiabore and Axiabore Plus digital axial boring heads in five sizes, starting
from 2 mm diameter. The heads handle OD turning diameters from 2 to 57 mm and
grooving diameters from 19 to 96 mm.
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Mills CNC becomes Heidenhain training partner

Mills CNC’s Training Academy has become an official Heidenhain training partner; the first
and only training organisation in the UK to achieve this accreditation. The process for
becoming a Heidenhain training partner began in earnest for the CNC Training Academy (the
training division of Mills CNC) back in October 2023. In the first instance, it involved two
members of staff – Karen Earley (manager of the CNC Training Academy) and Darren Clarke
(trainer) – undertaking an intensive, week-long training programme at Heidenhain’s
operation in Traunreut, Germany.

This activity was followed by both Earley and Clarke returning to Heidenhain’s facility two
weeks later to take three exams, culminating in both running specific and separate live
training courses for Heidenhain training personnel. Having successfully passed their exams
and the live training practice element, the official Heidenhain training partner standard was
awarded to the CNC Training Academy in March 2024.
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Latest cutting tool technologies on show

Ceratizit says that more than 40 engineers are manning its stand at the MACH exhibition in Birmingham this week (15-19 April), ensuring that anyone wanting to enquire about working with the company gets the chance to have a useful conversation. Alongside the technical expertise of the engineers there are hundreds of items of tooling on display.

Among the huge selection of tools are three highlight products from Ceratizit: the HyPower, the WPC-Change and the MonoThread. 

The WPC-Change is an indexable insert drill. Making sure that high-quality machining does not have to come at a high price, the WPC-Change and Change UNI combine the advantages of Ceratizit’s WPC high-performance drills with the flexibility of an exchange system, allowing for quicker changeovers and reduced material usage.

Moving from drilling to hydraulic chucks, Ceratizit’s expansion of its HyPower hydraulic chucks makes it possible to meet the demands of difficult machining requirements. For rough and demanding machining operations, the company says that the HyPower Rough is tough enough to take on any challenge. For optimum accessibility in the machining zone, the HyPower Access 4.5° offers itself as a highly flexible adapter for machining contoured components.

On the thread milling side of cutting tool innovation is the MonoThread, a champion of Ceratizit’s performance line. Delivering an improvement on performance of 20%, this thread milling cutter upgrade is suitable for all standardised thread profiles with all tolerances and especially for asymmetrical, thin-walled, large or very expensive workpieces. The solid-carbide shank thread milling cutters are suitable for machining any materials, including high-strength and tempered steels, guaranteeing performance even in tough machine conditions.

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