Ward CNC partners asset finance broker

Sheffield-based TW Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC) has agreed a major strategic partnership with a UKbroker of asset finance.The deal will allow Ward CNC to offer its customers a range of flexible machinery financing options, with Affinity Asset Finance acting as its own FCA-authorised finance provider. Ward CNC is the sole UK distributor for machine tools manufactured by Hyundai-Wia, Hartford, Soraluce, Takisawa and Hankook.

Simon Whitworth, managing director at Ward CNC, says: “This new partnership will help us to develop our service offering and means that we are not tied to any one lender or bank. Customers can therefore access the broadest range of funding packages and deals available on the market, with extremely flexible terms and attractive finance arrangements.”
For further information www.wardcnc.com

MSL to retrofit Nikon laser scanners

The Industrial Metrology Business Unit of Nikon Corporation has entered into a new partnership agreement with Peterborough-based Measurement Solutions Ltd (MSL), which will now sell and retrofit Nikon’s automated 3D laser scanning solutions in the UK market.
Callum Williams-York, Nikon’s European account manager for the Laser Scanner Business Unit, says: “Working in the UK metrology market, I’ve always been aware of the excellent service MSL provides. MSL has the technical and commercial expertise to supply the UK’s CMM market with highly professional retrofits of our laser scanners.”
For further information www.measurement-solutions.co.uk

Creaform introduces HandyScan Black Elite Limited

Creaform, a business unit of Ametek Inc and a specialist in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, is adding the HandyScan Black Elite Limitedhigh-accuracy handheld scanner to itsHandyScan BlackElite series line-up. Developed over the last decade by optimising manufacturing and calibration processes, working closely with suppliers and speaking with several thousands of industrial customers, this handheld solution delivers high levels of accuracy.

Designed specifically to address the needs of the most demanding dimensional metrology professionals in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, Creaform says that the HandyScan BlackElite Limited can tackle any quality control or product development applications where tolerances require increased accuracy. It is twice as accurate as theHandyScan BlackElite, assessed through an ISO 17025 accredited calibration, based on VDI/VDE part 3 standard.

The HandyScan BlackElite Limited provides accuracy of 0.012 mm and is powered by smart resolution that highlights fine details and high curvature. A total of 11 blue laser crosses help to provide increased scanning speed on difficult surfaces. The device boasts integrated photogrammetry, as does the whole HandyScan 3D line-up.

Notably, the HandyScan BlackElite Limited is portable, lightweight, simple and versatile, making it suited toon-the-go scanning in any environmental conditions. In addition, HandyScan BlackElite Limited is suitable for Creaform application software, such as VXmodel module for scan-to-CAD, VXinspect module for dimensional inspection and VXintegrity NDT software platform for NDT applications.

This metrology solution was fully developed and is manufactured in Creaform’s ISO9000 headquarters in Canada, where the company maintains an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory in-house.
For further information www.creaform3d.com

Bowers Group reveals showcase for Control 2023

At Control 2023 (Stuttgart, 9-12 May), Bowers Group will shine the spotlight on its quality control and connective metrology solutions (hall 9, stand 9106).Visitors can expect live product demonstrations to illustrate how effective data transfer between measurement equipment and applications can boost manufacturing productivity.

On display will be a range of Bluetooth-enabled hand tools and height gauges working in conjunction with Sylvac’s Sylcom software, showing how connectivity can improve efficiencies and reduce errors. Notably, visitors will have the chance to see Bowers’ Made in Britain registered, digital external micrometer, DigiMic, which features advanced, built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Offering quick, simple, and highly accurate measurements, the DigiMic can easily integrate into any Industry 4.0/SPC system.

Bowers Group’s Baty-branded Venture XT is a highly flexible multi-sensor vision system and will also be on the stand, demonstrating the latest Fusion Software release featuring lens error mapping and offline vision/touch-probe programming from CAD. The combination of contact and non-contact measurements in the same automated inspection, combined with ease of use and graphical reporting, make the Venture XT a cost-effective measurement solution for both production cells and QC labs alike.

Bowers Group will also showcase its oldest brand, Moore & Wright, a range of handheld metrology instruments that includes micrometers, calipers, indicators, height gauges and general workshop measurement tools.

Bowers Group export sales director Richard Grocott says: “Once again, we look forward to exhibiting at the Control exhibition and the opportunity to meet with so many of our customers and valued distribution partners. “Control week” is such an important event in our calendar, enabling Bowers Group to showcase our measurement technologies, which are designed to assist a wide range of manufacturers.”
For further information www.bowersgroup.co.uk

Renishaw and Metrologic renew strategic agreement

Some 20 years after their first agreement, Renishaw and Metrologic Group have strengthened their collaboration by signing a new strategic agreement to meet new challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Customers will benefit from Renishaw’s Revofive-axis CMM scanning systems, PH20 five-axis touch-trigger systems and the Equator shop-floor gauging system, powered by Metrologic’s X4 software platform. This will provide full integration of metrology solutions with the X4 software platform.

Covering the entire manufacturing chain and bringing its expertise to five-axis technology applications and the Equator gauging system, Metrologic Group is introducing new developments to its universal software platform that will power Renishaw’s products with an easy-to-use, intuitive and ergonomic solution.

This win-win association allows the enduser to bring 3D measurement close to the production line with the combination of Metrolog X4 and Renishaw’s Equator system. Also, thanks to five-axis technology combined with the ease of programming of Metrologic Group software, manufacturers can increase their CMM productivity, improve part quality and reduce scrap.

Says Laurent Monge, president of Metrologic Group: “We are committed to working with our customers to improve their productivity and bring 3D metrology closer to the manufacturing line. As such, I am convinced that combining Renishaw five-axis technologies together with the Metrologic Group software solution represents a key step in that journey.”

Victor Escobar, president of Renishaw SAS, adds: “The integration of Renishaw’s measurement technologies with Metrolog X4 will allow both existing and new users of Metrolog software to reap the benefits of accurate, high-speed, multi-sensor CMM measurement and fast flexible shop-floor gauging. This combination of technologies from Metrologic and Renishaw will enable significantly faster, value-added measurement for both process control at the point of manufacture and conventional quality assurance activities.”
For further informationwww.renishaw.com