TaeguTec launch event at ICC Birmingham

On 17 March, TaeguTec will be bringing its ‘Emerald’ branding to the ICC in Birmingham, marking the UK launch of the SFeedTec series of cutting tools for drilling, milling, turning, grooving and parting-off.

SFeedTec is said to offer speed and feed technology that marks a quantum leap in innovation. The event that will be hosted by IMC Group president Jacob Harpaz, who will highlight the technical features and application benefits of no fewer than 30 new product lines.
With ever-higher productivity levels expected by industry, SFeedTec is said to break the realms of convention with radical new tool designs, insert geometries and never-before-seen insert grades. At the heart of the new SFeedTec brand is a focus on increasing the speed and feed rates of cutting tools to maximise productivity, reduce cycle times and extend tool life.
For further information sfeedtecseminar@taegutec.co.uk

First of a Kind 2020 seeks this century’s Brunel

Organisations developing cutting-edge technology focused on making rail journeys faster, cleaner and greener could receive a share of £9.4m to bring their ideas to life.

The Department for Transport is working with Innovate UK to launch the First of a Kind 2020 competition to accelerate innovation in rail. Now in its fourth year, the competition will help transform rail travel for passengers and decarbonise the network. Last year saw 124 innovators apply for a share of £7.8m, with 24 projects receiving funding of between £250,000 and £350,000. Entries for this year will be accepted through to 11 March.
For further information https://is.gd/zeveba

Horizontal borer suits rail projects

Ward Hi-Tech has completed the installation of a HNK HB-130X horizontal borer at a major rail infrastructure manufacturer in the north of England.

The Korean-built machine, which has an X axis of 3 m, a Y axis of 2.3 m, a Z axis of 1.3 m and a 700 mm W axis, can accommodate large parts weighing up to 20 tonnes on its 2000 x 2200 mm table.
The installation and commissioning phase of the project was just short of one month, with two HNK factory technicians working alongside the team of specialists from Ward Hi-Tech. According to Ward Hi-Tech, the customer is very pleased with the machine, which is now in full production.
For further information www.wardhitech.co.uk

Milling cutter range expanded

The milling assortment for mould and die, as well as general machining applications, has been expanded by Dormer Pramet with several introductions.

Included in the expanded offer is the newly developed double-sided SNGX11 insert for high-feed milling with up to 1.7 mm depth of cut. A strong main cutting edge ensures high levels of durability and process security, especially when machining corners inside a pocket. With eight cutting edges, the square-shaped SNGX11 also represents an economical solution.
Designed for copy milling, helical interpolation, ramping, progressive plunging and face milling, the SNGX11 is available in two geometries. M is for machining steel, but also hardened steel and cast iron, while MM provides a smoother cut and is more suitable for stainless steel, soft steel and super alloys.
Dormer Pramet’s range is supplemented by the latest SSN11 cutter, which is available in diameters from 32 to 125 mm, with intermediate sizes for mould and die applications. All cutters feature a special through-coolant design to further improve process security, as well as a high overhang to support deep milling up to 10xD.
The company has also added to its ADMX07 milling programme with a newly introduced F geometry for finishing and semi-finishing applications. F geometry sits alongside the existing M, FA and HF geometries, and targets the light machining of stainless steel and low-carbon steels.
Aimed at vibration-sensitive machining, the chip breaker features a highly positive geometry with narrow peripheral land. This design reduces chatter and enables a smooth cutting action without burrs on the machined wall. Significantly, it also supports lower cutting forces, which not only reduce energy consumption, but prevent work hardening.
For further information www.dormerpramet.com

£300k investment at Corbetts

Corbetts the Galvanizers, one of the UK’s oldest hot-dip galvanising specialists is celebrating a major birthday in 2020 by pressing the button on a £300,000 investment drive.

Employing 105 people at its Telford facility, the company will turn 160 this year, and has a range of events scheduled to help it mark the major anniversary, including the installation of new flux and acid tanks that will release capacity and speed up the galvanising process. The management team is now setting its sights on a 7% increase in volumes which, if achieved, will generate an additional £1m of revenue.
For further information https://wcorbett.co.uk/