MTI provides a ‘one-stop’ marketplace for the selling and sourcing of machine tools. Our magazine reaches major decision makers and machinery buyers in the UK and across the globe, including highly active regions such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the Far East.

Key aspects of the MTI circulation policy are flexibility, optimum reader targeting, international coverage and up-to-date data. Our weekly circulation includes active end user/manufacturing companies, as well as over 700 machinery dealers throughout the UK and overseas, comprising all the major players.

The MTI digital magazine helps today’s generation of time-poor engineers get news and information direct to their devices. We send our digital edition to thousands of opt-in recipients every week. Readers can scroll and swipe at ease, quickly viewing anything that captures their attention and using interactive links to discover more. Thousands of people have also been downloading the MTI app from the Apple and Google Play stores, a trend that continues to grow. Of course, with a digital magazine, unlike a print version, it’s possible to track how many people have opened it.

MTI prints its magazine for distribution at exhibitions – typically around 5000 copies for each show. With our global exhibition circuit comprising 18-20 shows a year, this is close to two printed magazines each month, more than matching any other printed magazine in the market.

Middle East,Europe, Asia andFar East RegionsUKRest of World30%15%55%

Countries Percentage
Middle East, Europe, Asia and Far East Regions 40
UK 40
Rest of World 20


In excess of 55% of the readership is represented by senior contacts and decision makers in the UK, 30% in the highly active Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and Far East regions, the balance comprising 15% rest of the world.


MTI magazine began life in 2003 when it launched by Bob Sadat, an experienced industry professional with a determination to transform the existing model of buying and selling machine tools. MTI (Machinery Trade International), with its colour-coded, easy-to-find categorised sections featuring colour photos of available machines, was a far cry from the black and white classified listings of existing publications.

The MTI team, which had over 70 years of combined industry experience at time of launch, knew what the market needed, continually enhancing the MTI offer as the brand grew. The magazine has since been joined by two further publications: Auction Spotlight and MTI Middle East. Two class-leading websites were also created: and, the latter soon becoming established as the world’s best search engine for machine tools and accessories.

As part of its commitment to delivering genuine competitive advantage to customers, MTI has become a familiar presence at exhibitions around the world. MTI attends shows in both established and emerging economies, from Europe and the Middle East through to India and Southeast Asia. The team typically takes around 5000 copies to each event, ensuring advertisers get their machines in front of an audience that is actively looking to invest in machine tools and associated equipment. With our global exhibition circuit comprising 18-20 exhibitions a year, this is close to two printed magazines each month, which more than matches any other printed magazine in the market.

MTI has also introduced Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube social media channels.

The combination of digital magazine, print magazine, websites and social media channels means that MTI is today’s essential resource for the machine tool and manufacturing community.