The aim of Machinery Trade International is to provide a ‘one stop’ market place for the selling and sourcing of machinery worldwide. Key aspects of the MTI circulation policy are flexibility, optimum reader targeting, international coverage and up-to-date data. We effectively reach the major decision makers and machinery buyers through a carefully researched circulation selected by industry type and job function. Machinery Trade International’s weekly circulation includes active end user/manufacturing companies and over 700 machinery dealers throughout the UK and Overseas and comprises all of the significant players in the manufacturing sector. End users are represented by a carefully researched list of 56,000 named contacts with a verified interest in machinery specification and purchase selected from the major players in the manufacturing industry. These readers receive the title on a rotational basis or weekly if they have subscribed or requested the magazine individually.

Middle East,Europe, Asia andFar East RegionsUKRest of World30%15%55%

Countries Percentage
Middle East, Europe, Asia and Far East Regions 40
UK 40
Rest of World 20


In excess of 55% of the readership is represented by senior contacts and decision makers in the UK, 30% in the highly active Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and Far East regions, the balance comprising 15% rest of the world.