Floyd shows new innovations at MACH

The recent MACH 2024 exhibition in Birmingham once again provided an opportunity for Floyd Automatic Tooling to demonstrate cutting tools and machining solutions for the sliding-head turning and small-part machining industry, many of which received their MACH exhibition premieres.

As always, the long-standing partnerships that Floyd has with machine tool manufacturers enabled engineers to witness the latest cutting tools in live demonstrations on the stands of sliding-head lathe brands and many other machine tool partners. The partnerships that Floyd Automatic has with cutting tool brands for this niche segment include MASA Microconics, Mikron Tool, Madaula, Schaublin, Ifanger, Schwanog, Applitec, Alesa and many others.

Some of the new products on show from Mikron Tool included the CrazyMill Cool Micro series of micro end mills for micro-machining applications in the electronics, medical, optics, automotive, aerospace and defence sectors. Suitable for operations as diverse as side milling, helical interpolation, slot milling and drilling, the CrazyMill Cool Micro is available in three or four-flute options with diameters from 0.2 to 1 mm and effective cutting lengths of 3xD and 5xD. According to Floyd Automatic, the combination of innovative geometries, high-quality carbide grade and a patented new cooling concept deliver double the tool life and three times the productivity of rival product lines.

Continuing the theme of micro-machining, Floyd introduced Madaula driven tools for sliding-head machines. Part of the extensive range of Madaula products at MACH was the mechanical spindle speeder that works on a 1:4 ratio to provide machines with higher torque and spindle speeds up to 24,000 rpm. Suitable for improving surface finishes and increasing productivity rates, the new system is compatible with all leading turning centre brands.

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