Get smart with large-diameter boring

Precision hole-making system manufacturer Big Kaiser is launching its new bridge tool that comes complete with a smart damper holder. Available in the UK from cutting tool manufacturer Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), the product marks the advent of a new family of bridge tools.

The Big Kaiser bridge tool with smart damper features the CK connection for both rough and fine-boring operations. Notably, the new bridge tools incorporate the company’s patented smart damper that reduces vibration when machining large-diameter bores up to 320 mm.

Giampaolo Roccatello, chief sales and marketing officer for Europe at Big Kaiser, says: “Now, we can seamlessly merge multiple cutting-edge technologies. This system brings together the exceptional modularity of the CK connection, with the anti-chatter capabilities of our smart damper and our bridge tools. With the introduction of this new product family, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of innovation in solutions for large-diameter deep boring.”

The integrated smart damper enhances connection stability, leading to improved precision during boring operations. It creates a stiff system in comparison with using separate or modular components. Additionally, the tools offer the convenience of supporting coolant supply through a central hole. This design delivers cutting fluid directly to the cutting edge to prolong tool life and improve performance whilst simplifying the installation process.

Expected to serve a broad spectrum of industry sectors, the Big Kaiser bridge tools will prove valuable assets in applications within the energy, defence, aerospace and large-part manufacturing sectors.

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