Machines & Controls selects KEB

KEB Automation has supplied a variety of drives and control equipment to a UK-based machine builder for use on special-purpose cutting machines for stone tiles and roof slates. KEB delivered a complete solution from a single source and provided engineering support all the way through the machine design and build process.

Based in Bridgnorth, Machines & Controls Ltd is a small, privately-owned business that designs and manufactures special-purpose machines. Managing director Alex Wilson says: “In 2018, we received an order for a stone façade cutting machine. The machine is a five-axis CNC saw that cuts stone tiles and cladding for buildings. Around the same time, we also received an order from another customer: for a pair of special-purpose cutting machines for roof slates.”

Both types of machine required a range of drives and control equipment and so Wilson conducted a thorough supplier evaluation. “In the end, I chose KEB Automation as they were able to provide all the drives, controllers, gear motors and HMIs from a single source, and were willing to provide engineering support through the machine design and build phases, which you don’t always get from other suppliers.

“On both machine projects, I was particularly impressed with KEB in terms of their technical capabilities and engineering support,” continues Wilson. “They’ve been very helpful and have always responded promptly when I’ve needed support on resolving any issues. I look forward to working with KEB on future machine projects.”

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Fabricator benefits from Bianco bandsaw

A Bianco bandsaw and HSW steelworker from Selmach Machinery is providing multiple benefits for Next Generation Fabrications, based in Portsmouth.

Next Generation Fabrications specialises in steelwork, producing marine fabrication, domestic steel products – including gates, railings and balustrades – and architectural projects. The company has recently taken possession of a Bianco 420 MS bandsaw and a Morgan Rushworth HSW hydraulic steelworker from Selmach, and is in the process of buying a pair of rollers for the business.

“With the saw, we were just replacing our existing one with a bigger and better model,” explains Rob McDuff, director of Next Generation Fabrications. “However, with the steelworker – I’ve always wanted one, so when they offered me a really good deal on the two, I just went for it. The way I see it: it’s a good investment in your business.

“The majority of what we make is staircases, balustrades, structural beams – and even though we’re cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals – the saw does it all,” adds McDuff. “In terms of machine selection, we just went for what Selmach recommended. I don’t know too much about it, so I trusted what they were saying we needed.

“The machines have saved us time and money, and I would say that they’re definitely worth the investment.”

McDuff is also impressed with the aftercare and service provided by Selmach.

“When the saw was delivered we had a small problem as I couldn’t figure something out, but Selmach went through everything and it’s fine now. They are there if you need their help and I would certainly recommend using Selmach.”

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Building a family business

Inez Escamilla started Loose Cannon as a one-woman repair company; since then it has grown into a thriving family business, serving the greater Austin, Texas area. She and her husband, Nick Josyln, co-run the fabrication shop, which they live next door to, while raising their son, Jace.

Escamilla discovered her love of welding in college. After she completed her core requirements, a metal sculpture course ignited her passion for creating with a torch. “Getting dirty and playing with fire,” she remembers, “I found it fun and empowering.”

Escamilla decided to launch her own welding business when she identified a market for repairs in the restaurant industry.

Baileigh Industrial recently came on to Escamilla’s radar when Loose Cannon was shopping for a new bandsaw.

“It’s been really hard for us to buy brand new equipment because we’re such a small business,” she explains. However, Josyln suggested they look at Baileigh’s BS-350SA gear-driven, dual-mitre bandsaw.

“I kind of fell in love with the product,” says Escamilla, adding that she was particularly impressed by “how the saw rotates when you’re mitring, so you’re not constantly having to pull the material out, flip it, and turn it around”.

The new investment is already proving a wise one: “We use our Baileigh saw every single day,” says Escamilla. “That includes any of our last few projects that are on Instagram – tons of railing. The fact that it goes so wide means we can cut structural beams. It’s been used for every job since we got it.”
Loose Cannon will also be using the Baileigh saw for a project that is giving back to the local community. The company is teaming-up with Motorcycle Missions by delivering welding classes to veterans and first responders with PTSD.

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Orbital Machinery represents Thomas

The Thomas range of pull down cut-off saws is now available in the UK from Orbital Machinery. Thomas machines are said to be robust and durable, giving user many years of trouble-free sawing. With cast-iron bases and balanced heavy-duty cutting head assemblies, the machines are vibration-free, while extended saw-blade life between sharpens is another benefit.

There are three models available in the manual pull-down range, with saw blade diameters up to 250, 315 and 350 mm. A range of options is available, including single-phase motors, pneumatic vices, roller infeed and outfeed material support tables, and length stops with metric measuring rules.

In the semi-automatic range there are two models available: the 350 Super Technics SA is for cutting steel and non-ferrous metals, while the Alu-Line TMS450 SA offers a speed of 2800 rpm for the rapid mirror-finish sawing of aluminium, brass and other non-ferrous metals. Roller material support tables and length stops can also be offered.

For over 60 years, the Thomas brand has been operating with passion and determination in the machine-tool field. Today as then, the company sets clear objectives, looking to the future as a continuous evolution of what has been started, through constant improvement, training and dedication. The aim is to provide customers with quality products guaranteed by the Thomas brand and the reliability provided by family management that has continued for three generations of the Tomasi family.

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New carbide circular saw blades

The new range of Kinkelder CX1 carbide-tipped circular saw blades is now available in the UK from KR Saws. Both the Kinkelder CX1M and CX1H circular saw blades feature enhancements and supersede the original CX1 blades. According to KR Saws, the blades offer many benefits.

For instance, the Kinkelder CX1H carbide-tipped circular saw blade is specifically for cutting high-tensile carbon steel (>900 N/mm2, carbon content ≥0.60%) at very high production rates.

Features and attributes include: new dedicated tooth geometries; a new type of coating; high productivity when cutting stainless steel (ferritic, martensitic and duplex billets with a diameter larger than 35 mm); cutting speeds of up to 140 m/min; and feed rates up to 0.09 mm/tooth.

The Kinkelder CX1M carbide-tipped circular saw blade has been developed for cutting solid carbon steel (carbon content <0.60%) with a medium tensile strength of between 500 and 900 N/mm2. Features include a new saw body design, cutting speeds up to 280 m/min and feeds up to 0.10 mm/tooth. Servicing the UK from its headquarters in Coventry, KR Saws is able to offer its customers a range of metal-cutting circular saw and bandsaw blades, along with an in-house circular saw-blade sharpening facility supported with expert advice and technical support. The company is a joint venture between saw blade manufacturers, Kinkelder BV of the Netherlands and Robert Roentgen GmbH & Co of Germany. For further information