Set-style carbide-tipped bandsaw blade

Lenox, a specialist in carbide cutting performance, is introducing Gen-Tech, a new set-style carbide-tipped bandsaw blade for general purpose cutting. Through innovative design and cutting technology, Gen-Tech offers versatility, long blade life and a low cost per cut, reports the company. Gen-Tech is made at the company’s East Longmeadow, MA manufacturing facility.

Says Daniel Fernandes, senior product manager – industrial bandsaw blades: “Designed for versatility, Gen-Tech cuts a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Manufacturing industries set to take of advantage of Gen-Tech will include aerospace, defence and energy, with applications in carbon steels, bearing steels, mould steels, alloy steels, tool steels and stainless, as well as titanium and nickel-based alloys. Featuring a wide kerf set-style tooth structure, Gen-Tech helps to prevent pinching in these high-stress, hard-to-cut materials.

“An advanced grade of carbide that is honed using Honex technology, contributes to Gen-Tech’s long blade life by limiting chipping and therefore enabling productivity,” he continues. “In addition, the back edge of the blade can utilise Wave Tech, which is designed for improved cutting efficiency by breaking through work-hardened layers.”

Finally, Gen-Tech offers an affordable price point to enable the transition from bi-metal to carbide bandsaw blades.

“New Gen-Tech carbide bandsaw blades provide versatility, long blade life and a low cost per cut,” confirms Fernandes. “Designed with end users in mind, these new blades deliver the performance and durability that tough industrial metal-cutting applications demand.”

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Bison reveals best-selling machines

Bison Machinery says that its two best-selling machines are, perhaps unsurprisingly, bandsaws, which feature in nearly every fabrication workshop. The company’s top-selling saws are easily the Bianco 280 M and 420 MS models, between them accounting for 60% of saw sales by volume.

Both of these machines are precision European-built models with a modern cast bow design produced to exacting standards. Bison regularly has customers coming back to update Bianco saws that were installed in the 1990s and 2000s. And even these part-exchange machines – after a refurbishment – will give further service to a company seeking a low-cost cutting solution.

As well as the 280 M pull-down and 420 MS automatic down-feed models, Bianco manufactures a full range of solutions from manual, through semi-automatic, to fully automatic mitring machines.

The Bianco 280 M pull-down bandsaw is pitched as ideal for those looking to graduate from noisy chop saws as they are accurate, easy to use and quiet cutting. With high capacity for the footprint, an easy pull-down action and inherent safety features, the 280 M mitres up to 60° with a positive stop at 0° and 45° for quick mitres and a scale for any angle between. A sturdy 27 mm blade width and carbide blade guides ensure accurate, perpendicular cuts every time within the life of the blade.

For those running out of capacity on a smaller machine or needing something to cope with a range of materials up to mid-size box and tube, along with smaller beams, the 420 MS is Bison’s recommendation. With all the precision-build features of the 280 M, the 420 MS sees the addition of a valved down-feed cylinder to control saw-frame descent.

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Virtual service support from Saws UK

The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns have affected businesses in every industry. While some suffer more than others, almost all companies operating in the UK have had to adapt in order to serve their client base and survive in these difficult times.

Like many innovative and forward-thinking businesses, Saws UK has found ways to continue manufacturing, selling and supporting during lockdown periods. One of the company’s latest innovations is virtual service support. Allowing Saws UK to give customers the assistance they need, while keeping staff and clients safe, this offer is helping the company maintain its high standards of customer service during lockdown.

While Saws UK says that precise engineering and high quality standards are synonymous with its machines, they still require regular maintenance in order to keep them in top condition. Occasionally, when something goes wrong, machines may need repairs or servicing.

Virtual service support from Saws UK takes the form of online video tutorials. Designed to be easy to follow, the videos help a customer diagnose issues and rectify problems. There are already a number of support videos online at the Saws UK website that cover common repair and maintenance issues with some of the company’s most popular models. If the issue is not covered by one of the videos, Saws UK is inviting customers to get in touch, after which it will try and create a video that addresses the problem.

Alternatively, customers can call Saws UK team, which will talk through the steps needed to get the saw up and running. In many cases, this virtual support will help to reduce the cost of servicing and repairs.

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Vollmer is only name on the list

Just one year before Great Lakes Custom Tool Manufacturing Inc (GLCT) celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019, the Wisconsin-based specialist in custom saw blades was marking other milestones in its prestigious history with the opening of a 20,000 sq ft factory extension and the arrival of five additional Vollmer machines.

With more than 80 staff, 50+ CNC machine tools, a multitude of manual machines and inspection and measuring technology, one brand that has lasted the distance at GLCT is Vollmer.

Vice-president Ray Martin says: “We bought our first Vollmer machine back in 1979 when we started and this was followed by a Vollmer CHC22H saw grinder for face and top grinding in 1982. We then bought a manual side-grinding machine in 1985 and this machine is still in service today for some of our repair work. It wasn’t until 1999 that we bought our next Vollmer machine, a CX100 for top and face grinding of carbide-tipped circular saws. Since the turn of the century, we’ve added two CHD270 machines, a DES300, a CHF270, a CHF840, a CHC840 and even the ND250 robotic loading system.”

With average saw blade order quantities ranging from 4 to 6-off, and even up to 20 and 50, the Vollmer TCT machines are producing a substantial quantity of new saw blades every week; with an additional large quantity of saw service, re-grind and repair volumes passing through the company as well.

The Vollmer machines that arrived at the factory recently included a QF270 for machining the tooth sides of PCD-tipped circular saws via disc erosion.
“When it comes to manufacturing saw blades, as well as PCD cutting tools, Vollmer is our go-to solution,” concludes Martin.

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Takeover at Vernet-Behringer

The 100% integration of Vernet-Behringer (VB) into the Behringer Group is part of a long-term relationship between the two companies. For over a century Behringer GmbH has been synonymous with steady growth, new innovations and continuity. Together with the existing management team, these goals will continue moving forward.

Since 1996, Behringer GmbH has been the key shareholder and strategic partner of VB, in particular for the supply of bandsaws integrated into VB’s automatic drilling-sawing lines.

The transition will allow VB to continue its development in France and internationally, as well as to conduct larger technological projects to meet the growing expectations of its customers around the world for ever-more integrated and automated lines. This merger will also make it possible to develop technological, industrial and financial synergies to meet the requirements imposed by exacerbated global competition in the current context and accelerating the transformation towards Industry 4.0.

Pascal Denis, president and CEO of VB, says: “The Behringer-Group is the ideal partner for the future of VB, in terms of both corporate culture and our complementary activities. I’m delighted with this merger, which marks a new stage in our more than century-old history. The strength of the group will undoubtedly enable us to promote our know-how and our cutting-edge technologies in terms of industrial processes, software and automation.”
Christian Behringer, managing director of Behringer, adds: “We’ve been supporting VB for many years and believe more than ever in the technological progress developed by the company. This integration is therefore a natural evolution of the group, which will benefit from the sharing of skills and the complementary product ranges in an integrated long-term approach.”

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