Vollmer upgrades VPulse 500 wire EDM

Vollmer’s VPulse 500 wire-erosion machine has been equipped with additional functions to dress diamond grinding wheels using erosive methods.

Another advantage of Vollmer’s latest technology is that using a hydrocarbon-based dielectric protects the clamping systems of the wheel packages from corrosion.
The method of how metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels are dressed determines their removal rate and operating life. When these wheels are dressed mechanically, the diamond grains partially lose their sharpness and break away easily. This effect results in only moderate grain protrusion, which does not allow the metal-bonded grinding wheel to be used at its optimum operating point. The solution of contactless spark erosion yields structure and retaining force in the diamond grains.
Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the Vollmer Group, says: “Metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels are increasingly being used in tool machining. To improve their removal rate and operating life, spark eroding is the recommended dressing method. At the EMO 2019 exhibition in Hanover, we demonstrated for the first time how grinding wheels can be dressed using erosive methods with our VPulse 500.”
Unlike other eroding processes, the VPulse 500 uses a hydrocarbon-based dielectric, meaning that the sensitive clamping systems on the grinding wheel packages do not require special protection. With its five-axis kinematics, the VPulse 500 automatically measures and erodes every diamond grinding wheel.
As a benefit of the fine eroding wire, even complex geometries can be machined on the grinding wheel in one set-up. Internal testing of the VPulse 500 at Vollmer has shown that, compared with mechanical methods, the operating life of metal-bonded grinding wheels can be improved significantly. In addition, the removal rate is enhanced as a result of the open-pored grinding wheel with grain-free regions.
“Customers have the option of equipping the VPulse 500 with four different workpiece storage solutions, enabling up to 68 grinding wheel packages to be processed unmanned, around the clock,” says Brand. “This is irrespective of whether companies are manufacturing or re-profiling diamond grinding wheels.”
For further information www.vollmer-group.com

Horizontal borer suits rail projects

Ward Hi-Tech has completed the installation of a HNK HB-130X horizontal borer at a major rail infrastructure manufacturer in the north of England.

The Korean-built machine, which has an X axis of 3 m, a Y axis of 2.3 m, a Z axis of 1.3 m and a 700 mm W axis, can accommodate large parts weighing up to 20 tonnes on its 2000 x 2200 mm table.
The installation and commissioning phase of the project was just short of one month, with two HNK factory technicians working alongside the team of specialists from Ward Hi-Tech. According to Ward Hi-Tech, the customer is very pleased with the machine, which is now in full production.
For further information www.wardhitech.co.uk

Gound broken at Space Park Leicester

Leicester has taken its first steps into the future of the space industry as work began at the £100m Space Park Leicester with a ground-breaking ceremony attended by the Rt Hon Chris Skidmore MP.

Opening in 2021, Space Park Leicester will create a regional cluster in the UK, integrating industry with academia. This landmark initiative is being developed by the University of Leicester in collaboration with partners including Leicester City Council and the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP).
The LLEP has allocated £8.175m from its Local Growth Fund to support the development of phase one at Space Park Leicester – part of the Loughborough and Leicester Science and Innovation Enterprise Zone. Planning permission for the second phase of the development was granted in January, and will focus on research into AI and robot-assisted satellite production.
For further information https://le.ac.uk/spacepark

Mitutoyo UK is 40

Mitutoyo’s UK subsidiary, which is located in Andover, has reached its 40th anniversary.

Back in 1980, the company began by concentrating on hand tools such as micrometers and calipers, but also ventured into the CMM marketplace. In due course, strategically placed showrooms at Warwick, Halifax and East Kilbride were established. A major change in recent years was the relocation of the Warwick operation to Coventry. Mitutoyo sees the future as exciting, with the launch of products including the MiStar shop-floor CMM, the Formtracer Avant and the Crysta‑Apex V series of CNC CMMs for smart factories.
For further information www.mitutoyo.co.uk