£300k investment at Corbetts

Corbetts the Galvanizers, one of the UK’s oldest hot-dip galvanising specialists is celebrating a major birthday in 2020 by pressing the button on a £300,000 investment drive.

Employing 105 people at its Telford facility, the company will turn 160 this year, and has a range of events scheduled to help it mark the major anniversary, including the installation of new flux and acid tanks that will release capacity and speed up the galvanising process. The management team is now setting its sights on a 7% increase in volumes which, if achieved, will generate an additional £1m of revenue.
For further information https://wcorbett.co.uk/

Orbis cutters from Quickgrind

The ‘Infinite Possibilities’ portfolio has been expanded by Quickgrind with the arrival of the Orbis lollipop cutter range.

Across its business, Quickgrind is focused on the supply of products tailored to the demands of end users, hence the Infinite Possibilities branding. An example is the newly developed Orbis series of lollipop end-milling cutters. Non-standard sizes and geometries are available to manufacturers on very short delivery times and at “near-standard” prices, says the company.
Developed for the five-axis machining of intricate components, the solid-carbide Orbis range enables access to difficult-to-reach features and surfaces. Furthermore, the Orbis series allows manufacturers to use a single tool to follow challenging tool paths and component forms.
Orbis cutters are available with two, three, four, six or eight flutes, with a complete variety of lollipop and shank diameters, overall lengths and a wide range of reduced neck diameters. In addition, the spherical ball profile and unconventional geometry enable the cutters to excel in terms of tool life, machining speeds and feeds, and surface finish quality, says the company.
The tools are suitable for the fine finishing of irregular or uneven surfaces, as well as the daunting prospect of tube machining. This capability is credit to the carbide composition of the end mills and the UK-designed tool geometries that minimise vibration, even when reaching difficult-to-access surfaces.
Contributing further to the reduction in vibration and cutting forces, as well as improvements in tool life and productivity, are three geometry styles for alternate material types.
For further information www.quickgrind.com

Update for automatic dispenser

The Mapal Unibase-S automatic dispenser has been enhanced and optimised with ergonomic aspects that improve ease-of-use when storing and managing frequently required consumables. For instance, the display unit is now on the top of the Unibase-S, making operation easier for shop-floor users.

Another development sees the software completely changed to the Unibase system. This move enables the enhanced automatic dispenser to be coupled to existing Unibase systems, or be used as a stand-alone solution.
Featuring compact dimensions, the Unibase-S can be installed directly on a workbench. The 96 or 192 compartments are suitable for storing indexable inserts, cutting tools, chucks or even personal protective equipment. Locating the system close to the workstation or operator can save the employee significant time as it averts the need for continual trips to a central warehouse or stores area.
Taking consumables from the Unibase-S is quick and uncomplicated, and shop-floor staff can access supplies in just a few short steps. Initially, the employee must log in via the touchscreen. To make this even faster, an RFID chip or fingerprint can be used. Only registered employees can remove articles from the system. If an employee is not logged in, it is not possible to turn the dispensing drum and the compartments remain locked.
After the desired item has been selected via the Unibase software, an LED identifies the compartment where it is stored. The dispensing drum is then rotated manually to the withdrawal position where the team member can access his or her consumable. After opening the dispensing compartment, the system automatically registers the removal of the item, while the software automatically updates stock levels.
For further information www.mapal.com

Over 400 attend MTA dinner

The recent Manufacturing Technologies Association’s (MTA) Annual Dinner at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London saw over 400 guests get together to discuss the future and celebrate success.

MTA president, and director of Yamazaki Mazak, Marcus Burton MBE, used his keynote speech to address some of the hot topics affecting UK manufacturing, including Brexit and future trade, climate change, productivity and, of course, MACH 2020. Over 25,000 are expected at MACH on 20-24 April.
For further information www.mta.org.uk

Laguna invests in Tornos Swiss GT 13

As a manufacturer of small workpieces, St Petersburg based Laguna has more than 100 machine tools, including 25 Tornos Swiss-type lathes. Part of the company’s ongoing investment strategy has now seen the arrival of a Tornos Swiss GT 13.

The machine incorporates six-axis kinematics that make it suitable for complex parts. Laguna manufactures everything from connectors through to bolts, screws and much more for the electronics, instrumentation and control, automotive, aerospace, medical, transport, and telecommunications sectors. The installation was undertaken by Politek Co Ltd, the Tornos dealer in Russia.
For further information www.tornos.com