Behringer shows latest saws at Houstex

Behringer Saws displayed an array of its automatic bandsaws, including the HBE Dynamic series and its Eisele automatic mitre circular saw, the PSU-450M, at Houstex in Houston, USA last month.

The HBE Dynamic series was developed to be the every-day saw due to its affordability, versatility and efficiency. This compact automatic bandsaw has a multitude of features designed to improve performance and precision, such as a servo-driven ball-screw blade feeding system and pressure sensors. As a result, the saw provides automatic, precise, constant down-feed control and adjustment to continually optimise the cutting process. The ball-screw driven material feed gripper eliminates backlash and ensures precise material positioning and repeatability, says Behringer.
With optimised sawing parameters, newly designed clamping system and PLC controls, the PSU 450M circular cold saw is suited to both single-piece cuts and mass production. The PSU has cutting capabilities up to 218 x 66 mm, and offers mitre cutting in both directions. Further features include a servo-driven axis for precise material length positioning, integrated gripper feeding unit, up-stroking saw design and more. The saw can process solids, tubes or any type of unique shapes.
Behringer provides a wide variety of automatic band, plate and high-specification circular cold saws to corporations, service centres, job shops and manufacturers throughout the world.
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Students learn about sharpening technology

Towards the end of 2018, around 250 students began their studies at the Faculty of Wood Technology and Construction at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.

The budding engineers not only benefit from theoretical lessons, but from shared knowledge that is geared towards practical applications. To achieve this ambition, the Rosenheim students collaborate closely with companies from the wood industry, including sharpening specialist Vollmer. The machine-tool specialist develops grinding and erosion machines for sharpening circular saw blades.
“Our many partners enable us to give students an insight into the every-day work of the modern wood industry at an early stage of their studies – whether that involves innovative wood construction, materials technology or tool machining,” states Prof Frieder Scholz from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. “With Vollmer, we are supported by a company which teaches our students about the precise machining of circular saws – a process that takes place right at the very beginning of the wood industry’s value chain.”
Last year, 15 students from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences travelled to Biberach to spend a week at Vollmer. At the sharpening specialist, the trainee engineers learned through theory and practice about which critical factors are required to ensure the precise machining of circular saw blades. The practical placement week is part of the Wood Technology Master’s programme and is designed to give students a chance to experience the every-day work of the modern wood industry at the company itself. At Vollmer, the international group of students – hailing from India, Pakistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Iran and Germany – found out about the role that tool sharpening plays in the wood industry, and in research and industrial projects.
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Fighting HAV

A specialist in hand-arm vibration (HAV) risk management has collaborated with an RFID software consultancy to develop a new automated management tracking and reporting system.

Reactec, with the support of CoreRFID, has developed a range of HAV management tools which aim to improve protection for employees in heavy industries. These include HAVwear wearable technology, HAVmeter tool-mounted technology, mobile apps and an analytics software platform. The new HAVwear device is worn like a wristwatch and provides real-use monitoring of HAV exposure when using power tools.
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European launch for Compcut series

To launch its range of Compcut composite plate saws into mainland Europe, Sharp & Tappin last week exhibited at JEC World in Paris for the very first time.

The Sharp & Tappin range of Compcut composite plate saws has won positive acclaim in the UK market for precision, accuracy and consistency, demonstrating high standards for cut quality, parallelism and perpendicularity. At JEC World, the company highlighted its Compcut 200 model, a compact unit that has proved popular across the UK with R&D companies, university departments and composite test centres.
Says Sharp & Tappin’s CEO Ben Sharp: “We’ve been encouraged by the response from the UK market to our entire Compcut range, and sales have been very buoyant, particularly with the Compcut 200 model, which has fulfilled our goal of offering a high-quality, entry-level plate saw. It is this market reaction that has encouraged us to start exploring the potential for sales within mainland Europe.”
To underpin the company’s confidence in the performance of its composite plate saw, a Compcut 200 unit was working on the Sharp & Tappin stand throughout the show, cutting samples across a wide range of different composite materials. Visitors were also encouraged to bring along their own composite material/samples to cut on the demonstration machine.
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Jig saw blades unveiled by Lenox

A new range of ‘Jig Saw Blades’ designed to deliver optimal performance when cutting a variety of materials, including metal, has been introduced by Lenox.

When end users were asked what they look for in a blade, clean cuts, long blade life and durability were the top priorities. For common metal-cutting applications, such as sheet metal or steel tubing, Lenox bi-metal Jig Saw Blades feature ‘Power Blast Technology’, a high-speed blasting process that strengthens the blade to reduce breaks, as well as proprietary T2 Technology to provide fast, efficient cutting. For tough metal cutting applications, like steel plate or stainless steel, the updated offering features Lenox Power Arc curved Jig Saw Blades. The curved profile of the blade optimises the angle of attack for fast cutting and provides up to two times longer life than the company’s previous generation blade.
“At Lenox, we continue to advance our product portfolio to meet the demands of the end user,” says Brian Morrison, senior product manager at Lenox. “When developing the new Lenox Jig Saw Blade portfolio, we strived to exceed the expectations of our customers, incorporating proven, industry-best technology from our other product categories to offer superior cutting.
Additionally, the new Jig Saw Blades are manufactured in the USA with global materials. We are proud to manufacture high-quality products domestically.”
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