Dugard becomes UK agent for Kitamura

Dugard Ltd has become the sole UK and Ireland sales and distribution outlet for the Kitamura brand of machine tools.

The arrival of the Kitamura brand is a huge coup, especially as it was the Japanese manufacturer that sought out the sales, service and distribution expertise of Dugard to enhance its footprint in the UK market. Dugard has certainly jumped on the quality of the brand, selling two machines in the first two weeks of the agency agreement, with dozens more enquiries flooding in.
The Kitamura range includes horizontal and vertical machining centres, including five-axis models, as well as the double-column Bridgecenter series of machining centres for large components. Product sales manager Colin Thomson says: “Kitamura will outperform the majority of high-end brands in the market, whether for precision, productivity, capability or flexibility. By choosing to work in partnership with Dugard, Kitamura now has access to our service support network, which delivers unparalleled levels of expertise and response times. This is already seeing existing Kitamura users in the UK approaching Dugard to find out more.”
For further information www.dugard.com

XYZ showroom clearance event

The Burlescombe, Devon headquarters of XYZ Machine Tools provides the venue for the company’s latest showroom clearance day, which will take place on 20 March.

These events offer value-for-money deals on ex-demo machines, which are renewed on a regular basis at XYZ showrooms across the country. The forthcoming clearance event will also provide an opportunity to see the latest ProtoTrak RX control system, the newly developed XYZ UMC-4+1 machining centre, and the Robo-Tend robot automation system for machining and turning centres.

Deals will be done on the day and, given the size of the company’s headquarters, the number of machines on offer will be significant, including SMX and SLX ProtoTrak-controlled mills and lathes, vertical machining centres from the LR and HD series, turning centres, large-capacity XL lathes with up to 1100 mm of swing, and machining centres with up to 3000 mm of X-axis travel. A large proportion of these machines will be under power alongside the latest RMX and RLX ProtoTrak machines, as well as the HD series of vertical machining centres, which are now available with the Heidenhain TNC620 control.
For further information www.xyzmachinetools.com

Magnetic clamping balls simplify work holding

Manufacturing companies, engineers and machinists can now freely position and hold workpieces on large surfaces thanks to Norelem’s newly developed magnetic clamping balls.

Quick and flexible holding of parts is particularly essential in tool and die making. Tool makers must be able to laser weld, polish, assemble and adjust parts so they fit together properly, with maximum flexibility and efficiency. Using Norelem’s magnetic clamping balls, rapid clamping and releasing is now possible.
Released in four different sizes with magnetic faces of 80 to 160 mm diameter, the workpieces are clamped through a permanent magnet. The magnet has a nominal magnetic force of up to 100 N/cm², which can be switched on and off using a hexagonal key. When the key is rotated 120°, the magnet’s force is fully realised, while partial clamping force is also possible so that parts can be positioned easily.
CEO of Norelem Marcus Schneck says: “Efficiency and increased productivity are the name of the game in engineering, and with our magnetic clamping balls, engineers can accelerate their processes when machining and tooling up for jobs. Using a simple turn of a key, workpieces can be adjusted quickly, providing an unobstructed surface for the engineering task in hand.”
Norelem’s magnetic clamping balls can swivel up to 90°, depending on workpiece geometry and weight. To ensure a high-quality finish, the magnetic face has fine, 1.5 mm poling and is mounted in an anodised aluminium globe. The globe is held in position by a stick/glide effect and lays in a leather lined, nickel-plated steel ring.
For further information www.norelem.co.uk

Hainbuch products grip exhibition crowds

At last month’s Southern Manufacturing 2019 exhibition in Farnborough, Hainbuch presented a range of chuck solutions.

(c) Andy Ridder, Hainbuch Marbach Maschine Wasser Spâhne Metall

With flexibility, minimal interference contour and precision levels all being key factors for modern work-holding solutions, Hainbuch demonstrated these attributes in its newly developed range of TOPlus (pictured) and SpannTop mini chucks.
Of particular emphasis was the latest SpannTop modular mini chuck. Hainbuch has developed the chuck to make it compatible with an adapter ring in order to leverage the benefits of the modular system. The company‘s Mando Adapt mandrel and the corresponding jaw module already work with the SpannTop mini, meaning complete autonomy for small component clamping needs.
Unlike the SpannTop mini chuck, the configuration of TOPlus is a little different. Whereas SpannTop uses an adaptor ring, TOPlus has a ring of attachment holes to secure the jaw module. At Southern Manufacturing, Hainbuch demonstrated Mando Adapt adapters, which also work in harmony with TOPlus, while additional innovations included the Manok and Hydrok hydraulically actuated stationary chucks.
Depending on size, the Hydrok can be used with all clamping device adaptations, such as the Mando Adapt mandrel-in-clamping device, or with the jaw module. The Hydrok incorporates typical Hainbuch features such as user-friendly set-up, parallel clamping, optimal power conversion, rigidity and high holding power. With a repeatability of less than 0.01 mm possible, the Hydrok is suitable for five-sided machining as well as flexible clamping scenarios such as mandrel clamping or jaw clamping thanks to the Hainbuch modular system.
Another key innovation at the show was the new TestIT clamping force gauge system that has been developed in conjunction with Siemens.
For further information www.hainbuch.com

Gleason to buy gear-honing business

Gleason Corp has signed a definitive agreement with Daetwyler Industries AG and MDC Max Daetwyler AG to acquire all assets of Daetwyler’s Faessler gear-honing business.

Under the Faessler brand, Daetwyler has been producing gear-honing machines, related work holding and tools for the high-precision, hard finishing of gears. The business operations of the Faessler division, which has approximately 70 employees, will be acquired by a new Gleason subsidiary, Gleason Switzerland AG, and will continue to operate at its current locations in Bleienbach and Dietikon, both in Switzerland.
For further information www.gleason.com