Behringer shows latest saws at Houstex

Behringer Saws displayed an array of its automatic bandsaws, including the HBE Dynamic series and its Eisele automatic mitre circular saw, the PSU-450M, at Houstex in Houston, USA last month.

The HBE Dynamic series was developed to be the every-day saw due to its affordability, versatility and efficiency. This compact automatic bandsaw has a multitude of features designed to improve performance and precision, such as a servo-driven ball-screw blade feeding system and pressure sensors. As a result, the saw provides automatic, precise, constant down-feed control and adjustment to continually optimise the cutting process. The ball-screw driven material feed gripper eliminates backlash and ensures precise material positioning and repeatability, says Behringer.
With optimised sawing parameters, newly designed clamping system and PLC controls, the PSU 450M circular cold saw is suited to both single-piece cuts and mass production. The PSU has cutting capabilities up to 218 x 66 mm, and offers mitre cutting in both directions. Further features include a servo-driven axis for precise material length positioning, integrated gripper feeding unit, up-stroking saw design and more. The saw can process solids, tubes or any type of unique shapes.
Behringer provides a wide variety of automatic band, plate and high-specification circular cold saws to corporations, service centres, job shops and manufacturers throughout the world.
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