Latest grade suits heat-resistant alloys

The AH8000 insert series, which has been developed as part of the TungTurn line from Tungaloy, is said to demonstrate high performance levels when machining heat-resistant alloys. Extended tool life is credited to the composition of the grade, which incorporates newly developed substrates, a multi-layered nano AlTiN coating with a high Al content and Tungaloy’s proprietary PremiumTec surface technology.

Tungaloy says that these characteristics result in an insert grade that is at least 20% harder than alternate grades. In addition, the bonding of the substrate prevents notch wear and further extends performance parameters when machining heat-resistant alloys. Under test conditions on a variety of Inconel, titanium and other aerospace alloys, Tungaloy reports that the AH8000 more than quadrupled tool life while reducing machining times.
Included in the AH8000 series is the AH8005 grade for continuous machining at higher spindle speeds, and the AH8015 grade, which is said to be extremely hard and durable for interrupted cutting applications. As well as the two grade options, Tungaloy has developed its HRM chip-breaker for finish to medium cutting, and the HRF breaker for finish-turning operations. Adding to these negative insert chip breakers, Tungaloy has also launched a positive insert line with PSF, PSS and PS chip breakers.
The AH8000 series includes a 35, 55 and 80° rhombic insert, a square, triangular and trigon insert (90, 60 and 80°), and a round insert range.
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Threadformers require 30% less torque

Guhring says that its latest generation of Pionex thread formers incorporates a new design that requires 30% less torque than previous product lines, thanks largely to optimisation of the tool’s groove, polygon shape and surface preparation. According to the company, the result is smoother cutting action, extended tool life, improved reliability and consistency, and better thread quality and precision.

Pionex taps are manufactured from a powder steel compound with high wear resistance, while a TiCN surface treatment provides durability. This combination of characteristics is complemented by a new Guhring polishing technique that makes the surface of the thread formers smoother than ever before.
With regard to geometry, both the groove depth and width are increased to transport more lubrication to the focal area of the thread former. Another key feature of Pionex is the shape of the polygon; by re-aligning the geometry of the decisive operating radius, which is the focal contact point between the tool and workpiece, the torque requirement and stress on the tool are reduced.
The Pionex series is available in all major thread types, including metric, metric fine, UNC, UNF and pipe thread. In addition, the taps cover diameter tolerances of 6HX 6GX, the form C and form E. Guhring has also made the thread formers available with through-coolant.
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Taps help thruster firm move in right direction

When a large new vessel is put to sea, it is usually equipped with a tunnel thruster that acts as a side propeller system to enhance manoeuvrability at berth and in open waters.

Tunnel thrusters, sometimes called bow thrusters, provide captains with increased control and can help to quickly turn a ship around.
Brunvoll AS is a global manufacturer of seaworthy motion systems with headquarters in Molde, Norway. The company has supplied more than 8000 complete side propeller systems mounted on more than 5000 different cruise ships, supply boats and navy vessels.
Machining of the side propellers, which are manufactured from nickel-aluminium bronze alloy, is conducted by the company mostly unmanned and at night. This demands a highly accurate and dependable machining process and cutting tools. Here, the versatility of Dormer’s Red Shark tap allows it to be used at different torque levels, such as when threading the propeller at the attachment to the rotor. To ensure optimal productivity and safety, the unmanned machines are slowed to a cutting speed of 25 m/min (the ideal cutting speed in the nickel-aluminium bronze is 35 m/min). However, in tests, Brunvoll ran the Red Shark up to 50 m/min – exactly double the required rate.
The Red Shark is one of several material-specific taps available from Dormer Pramet. Each tap features a colour ring on the tool shank denoting material suitability, promoting quick and easy tool selection. Dormer Pramet is set to add more tools to its assortment of Shark Line taps. This includes a range of yellow-ring taps for structural, carbon and low-alloy steels, and blue ring for stainless steels.
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Latest shoulder mills eliminate finishing

The newly developed VSM490 series of Widia indexable-insert shoulder mills available from ITC is said to eliminate finishing operations and improve productivity when machining a wide variety of materials. In addition, the VSM490 double-sided 90° inserts offer four cutting edges to reduce costs.

This latest addition to the Widia Victory Shoulder Mill (VSM) range includes a complete line of insert grades that support the machining of cast iron, stainless steel, steel, titanium, aluminium and a host of aluminium alloys. The cutter’s versatility is facilitated by a positive geometry and the availability of both 10 and 15 mm inserts, along with an extensive selection of tool holders.
A total of four insert geometries are offered, including ALP geometry for low-power machine tools cutting non-ferrous materials, and ML geometry for stainless steel and light machining on a variety of other materials. For more robust applications, MM geometry incorporates features designed to bring greater strength to machining operations, while the heavy-duty MH grade is first choice for high-performance roughing on cast iron, chiefly credit to edge-protecting geometry and additional margins.
The VSM490 gives customers a full slotting solution with 100% radial engagement, shoulder milling with step-down capabilities that provide low or high engagement, as well as low or high radial engagement. Furthermore, the VSM490 can be applied to contour milling, Z-axis plunge milling, trochoidal slot milling and HPC face milling.
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Entering the AM sector

Known for selling turnkey metal-cutting systems to UK and Irish manufacturing industry based on German machine-tool agency ranges, Geo Kingsbury has announced that with immediate effect it is also offering additive-manufacturing solutions.

The move follows the company’s appointment as exclusive distributor within the same market for AddUp Global Additive Solutions, which is owned jointly by Michelin and the Fives industrial engineering group. As a result, Geo Kingsbury has created a new Additive Manufacturing Division at its offices in the Midlands, headed by Richard Hughes.
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