Latest grade suits heat-resistant alloys

The AH8000 insert series, which has been developed as part of the TungTurn line from Tungaloy, is said to demonstrate high performance levels when machining heat-resistant alloys. Extended tool life is credited to the composition of the grade, which incorporates newly developed substrates, a multi-layered nano AlTiN coating with a high Al content and Tungaloy’s proprietary PremiumTec surface technology.

Tungaloy says that these characteristics result in an insert grade that is at least 20% harder than alternate grades. In addition, the bonding of the substrate prevents notch wear and further extends performance parameters when machining heat-resistant alloys. Under test conditions on a variety of Inconel, titanium and other aerospace alloys, Tungaloy reports that the AH8000 more than quadrupled tool life while reducing machining times.
Included in the AH8000 series is the AH8005 grade for continuous machining at higher spindle speeds, and the AH8015 grade, which is said to be extremely hard and durable for interrupted cutting applications. As well as the two grade options, Tungaloy has developed its HRM chip-breaker for finish to medium cutting, and the HRF breaker for finish-turning operations. Adding to these negative insert chip breakers, Tungaloy has also launched a positive insert line with PSF, PSS and PS chip breakers.
The AH8000 series includes a 35, 55 and 80° rhombic insert, a square, triangular and trigon insert (90, 60 and 80°), and a round insert range.
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