LMT joins MachiningCloud platform

LMT Onsrud and MachiningCloud have announced a partnership to provide the former’s product data on the latter’s cloud platform. LMT Onsrud manufactures solid-carbide end mills, PCD tooling and routing tools.

The partnership will enable customers to optimise the way they gather information for their manufacturing operations by reducing the need to research multiple catalogues or websites seeking the optimum cutting tool that best fits the machining requirements. Furthermore, LMT Onsrud customers will be able to increase productivity and achieve greater accuracy by downloading descriptive, usage and geometric information directly into their shop floor software suites.
For further information www.machiningcloud.com

Solvay composites for Boeing 777X

Solvay has signed an agreement with Boeing for the supply of advanced composites and adhesives in support of 777X airplane production.

Solvay will be supplying a range of material technologies, including out-of-autoclave structural carbon-fibre epoxy prepreg, flame-resistant interior phenolic prepreg, lightning-strike protection surfacing film and structural adhesive. These materials will support applications across the entire 777X programme, including the vertical and horizontal stabilisers, nacelle, landing-gear doors, wings, and interior structures.
For further information www.solvay.com

Double-column machines extend range

Broadbent Stanley has extended its range with large-capacity double-column machining centres from Taiwan-based Starvision. The machines are available with X-axis travels up to 36 m and 5.7 m in the Y axis, as well as five-face or full five-axis capability. The range covers boxway machines, linear-guide machines, moving-beam, moving-column and five-axis variants, which can be equipped with a range of milling heads.

“The addition of the Starvision range complements our existing range of bridge mills and will open up significant opportunities across the sectors that we serve,” explains managing director Graham Thomas. “We have probably had 10 enquiries in the past 12 months for machines of this size, so the market appetite is there. A quote has already been raised for the first Starvision machine and we are hopeful of a successful outcome soon.”
For further information www.broadbentstanley.co.uk

Rosti benefits from supply chain review

Rosti Automotive, a tier one supplier to the automotive industry, was experiencing pressure on its existing supply chain following a large contract win.

Consequently, the company enlisted Optimas Solutions, a distributor and service provider of fasteners and C-class components, to simplify and manage the supply chain at its facilities in Stamford Bridge and Pickering. The initial proposal forwarded by Optimas provided one point of contact for all of Rosti Automotive’s component concerns, while also delivering the parts required. By simplifying the supply chain and creating a centralised point of contact, efficiency was increased from both a component specification
and logistics standpoint.
For further information www.optimas.com

Lasers support digital manufacturing

The latest generation of TruDisk lasers from Trumpf offers built-in intelligence to perform condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and trend analysis, all of which support the implementation of lasers in digital and connected manufacturing environments.

At the hub of the TruDisk beam source is the built-in control system known as CPX. This is the laser’s brain, where all of the condition data and process parameters are collected. During processing, sensors measure multiple parameters, including the actual laser output at microsecond intervals, all internal and external signal characteristics, the utilisation rate of the beam source, and the condition of additional components.
TruDisk lasers also incorporate a new feature that enhances the quality of data obtained from the readings. Known as ‘precision time protocol’, the feature synchronises the sensors and provides them with an identical time stamp.
The new lasers can be combined with Trumpf’s condition-based services (modular components of TruConnect, the company’s technology for connected manufacturing), which increase the availability and productivity of connected systems while identifying potential cost savings. With the customer’s prior approval, the services can be used to analyse data parameters, carry out algorithm-based trend analysis and take targeted measures to determine the risk of potential laser failure in advance.
Another improvement can be found in the new Trumpf laser diodes, which are energy efficient to help minimise running costs. Furthermore, Trumpf has equipped the latest TruDisk lasers with a pulse function that makes it possible to ramp the current of the pump diodes down to 0 A.
The new generation of TruDisk laser is available for laser output of between 3 and 5 kW, with fibre core diameters between 100 and 600 µm.
For further information www.trumpf.com