Double-column machines extend range

Broadbent Stanley has extended its range with large-capacity double-column machining centres from Taiwan-based Starvision. The machines are available with X-axis travels up to 36 m and 5.7 m in the Y axis, as well as five-face or full five-axis capability. The range covers boxway machines, linear-guide machines, moving-beam, moving-column and five-axis variants, which can be equipped with a range of milling heads.

“The addition of the Starvision range complements our existing range of bridge mills and will open up significant opportunities across the sectors that we serve,” explains managing director Graham Thomas. “We have probably had 10 enquiries in the past 12 months for machines of this size, so the market appetite is there. A quote has already been raised for the first Starvision machine and we are hopeful of a successful outcome soon.”
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