OPG invests in brand new surface grinder

Gateshead-based Omega Plastics Group (OPG) has recently been successful in securing orders of over £2m for a wide range of multi-impression fully hardened production tools. This results in the manufacture of hundreds of core and cavity inserts, together with side cores and other ancillaries for customers.

OPG’s recent business-winning success was instrumental in its investment decision to extend the company’s surface grinding capability, thusimproving efficiencies and catering for multiple insert set-ups and larger X, Y and Z-axis grinding capacities. The machine is also equipped with dust extraction, an 800 x 400 mm magnetic table and a coolant filtration system.

Following a frustrating six-week period of window shopping and searching for a viable solution,the agility of the team from RK International Machine Tools resulted in the delivery of asurface grinder within three weeks from placement of order.

The new PERFECT PFG-D4080AH surface grinder was supplied and delivered to OPG on a short lead time and included the installation of a digital readout prior to shipping.This acquisition will allow the company to reduce its reliance on the laborious task of sub-contracting this type of work. Also through the ability of NC programming and auto down-feed will expand the multi-tasking approach of the company’s skilled workforce, and allow the machine to run unattended.

A survey based on the workflow of current production demands estimated that the time saved by investing in the new surface grinding machine will result in efficiency gains of 3%, resulting in saving over 180 hours compared with the company’s smaller manual machines.
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