Ground-breaking ceremony for new building

Pressen HAAS GmbH and PTF Maschinenhandelsgesellschaft mbH have constructed a new modern office and warehouse centre in Straßberg/Winterlingen. The recent growth of the two companies, which specialise in used machines for metal forming and sheet metal working, should continue and is supported by the new 2,500 sq m facility.

“In addition to trade in second-hand machines, it is above all the services that make the difference,” says Mario Kosjerina, one of three managing directors. “A large number of our customers are not satisfied with the mere delivery of machines. Modifications, overhauls, commissioning and training for local staff are essential service components. We are well aware that in addition to investing in buildings, an expansion also involves more staffing requirements. Therefore, we are of course looking for service personnel at
our new location.”
Since 2006, when Kosjerina took over press specialist Werner Haas, a lot has happened in the industry. Thomas Geisel, managing director on the board since 2011, adds: “The internet has changed the trade significantly in recent years. Offers have become more transparent, making comparability much easier for the customer. In order to stand out from the competition, the services for selling a used machine are therefore becoming increasingly important.”
Holger Keinath, who is primarily responsible for the concerns of PTF, adds: “By expanding our business activities with the takeover of PTF in 2012, we have moved from pure trading in metal-forming presses to a partner in the metalworking industry. There is nothing that we cannot obtain if we do not have the right machine in stock.”
For the future, both companies plan to expand their activities and enter new markets, focusing on emerging regions such as Vietnam, North Africa and Mexico, although the EU and Asian markets continue to be important. The export share of the two companies is over 50%.
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Mazak chosen for government 5G factory initiative

Yamazaki Mazak has been chosen as one of a select few UK companies to act as a ‘testbed’ for the deployment of next-generation 5G technology, with a view to improving commercial digital infrastructures and ultimately boosting productivity across the UK industrial sector.

5G is set to become the industry standard for connectivity in the future. With potential speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, it could allow for industrial automation systems to operate at as-yet unseen speeds, as well as increase the speed of real-time analysis, meaning quicker reactions to any red flags and reduced downtime.
The consortium has been granted £4.8m in government funding to conduct the 5G testbed trial. This funding will be used to gauge how faster internet speeds can improve industrial productivity and advanced cyber security, via increased investment in next-generation technology. The work will include experimenting with preventative and assisted maintenance techniques using robotics, big data analytics and augmented reality, at the company’s European Headquarters, in Worcester.
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New flagship range of measuring arms

Eight years after the launch of the first Romer Absolute Arm, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has unveiled the latest Absolute Arm range, complete with a ground-up redesign.

A standout feature of the new Absolute Arm is its modular wrist design that allows both the RS5 laser scanner and pistol grip to be completely removed, facilitating easy probing in tight spaces. When reattached for laser scanning applications, a variety of grip sizes are available to ensure the best fit for every user. The newly developed wrist also features a display screen that allows for measurement result oversight, profile switching and calibration right at the point of measurement, reducing time spent switching attention between the arm and its control computer.
“Over the past eight years we’ve received a lot of positive and constructive customer feedback, and hopefully people will see how this has informed our design,” says Anthony Vianna, product manager for the Absolute Arm range. “Many customers told us they needed to measure in smaller and smaller spaces, like cavities or inside complex fixtures, and it was that sort of direct-from-the-user intelligence that drove us to create the most compact scanning configuration on the market today.”
The new Absolute Arm models are also available in a six-axis version designed for dedicated probing applications. Within this category is the new Absolute Arm Compact, with accuracy now to within just 6 µm. The full Absolute Arm range is available across seven sizes, with measurement radii from 1.2 to 4.5 m, and three levels of accuracy, resulting in 36 unique arm configurations.
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Maintaining control choice for XYZ heavy-duty VMCs

XYZ Machine Tools’ philosophy of offering ‘what the customer needs’ has led to its Heavy-Duty (HD) range of vertical machining centres being made available with the Heidenhain TNC 620 control.

“We offered Heidenhain as a control option many years ago, but found it a slow seller due in part to the additional cost and complexity of the system,” says Nigel Atherton, managing director at XYZ Machine Tools. “However, with recent changes to the Heidenhain control, such as the addition of touch-screen technology, along with a more modern and compact user interface, we see opportunities that fully justify adding it to our HD series of machines. Our independence as a machine tool supplier means that we are free to adapt our machine range to suit changes in customer demand, such as giving them a choice of control.”
The Heidenhain control option will initially be available on the XYZ 660HD, XYZ 800HD and XYZ 1100HD vertical machining centres. XYZ’s move will allow the company to access business from which it was previously excluded (where Heidenhain controls are popular), such as mould and die and aerospace, as well as in the education market.
“We recognise that control choice is important to customers, and that they tend to be loyal to a particular CNC due to their expertise and familiarity with it,” says Atherton. “Extending our use of Heidenhain controls to the HD series – we already offer Heidenhain on our flagship UMC-5X machine – was a logical step. It was encouraging that before the first machines arrived at our factory we had already received orders for machines with Heidenhain controls fitted, which fully justified our decision to pre-order 50 machines for stock.”
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AZL orders large injection moulder

The Aachen Centre for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) at RWTH Aachen University is installing a new Engel injection moulding system.

Engel Deutschland GmbH – in co-operation with the Engel Centre for Lightweight Composite Technologies in Austria – will install the two-component injection moulding system with turning plate and 17,000 kN clamping force in 2019. This machine set-up is the basis for further developments in efficient inline combination technologies using different kinds of polymer performance materials.
AZL’s new Engel injection moulding system will enable innovative combinations of already established fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) processes and the development of new individual processes. The focus is on increasing resource efficiency in lightweight production, with research addressing multi-material systems, continuous processes, process chains and self-optimising processes.
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