Mazak invests in UK production plant

Yamazaki Mazak has made a series of major investments at its UK-based European manufacturing plant in Worcester. The multi-million-pound investments include two manufacturing cells making parts for new Mazak machine tools. Each cell is equipped with an Integrex i-Series machine from Mazak’s flagship multi-tasking solutions range, and RoboJob automation.

Specifically, the RoboJob Tower system is designed to deliver extended periods of unmanned running from a small footprint. The 4.6 m-high tower system is equipped with twin-elevator storage trays, with one feeding a robot for transferring workpieces to the machine tool, while the other allows the operator to replenish parts. In addition, a VTC-800 series machine has been installed in the jig-boring area.
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ONA EDM installed at Concours Mold

Concours Mold, which claims to be one of the leading manufacturers of large automotive moulds in North America, is relying on recently installed ONA EDM technology to help it meet the demands of customers that include General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. ONA EDM technology can be acquired in the UK from CNC International.

To provide a reliable response and the best possible service to such important companies, Windsor, Canada-based Concours Mold has acquired a double-head ONA TQX10 die-sink EDM machine, which is said to be the biggest in the market, with travel distances available up to 3000, 1500 and 1000 mm in the three linear axes.
By combining the machine’s two heads simultaneously and independently it is possible to save 50% of the erosion time and increase productivity by 200%. The TQX10 package purchased by Concours Mold also includes two Erowa robots for changing electrodes.
At Concours Mold, lead time times for moulds are currently between 8 and 24 weeks, depending on size and technical complexity. The company manufactures between 300 and 350 moulds per year.
Sales manager at Concours Mold, Ed Ergun, says: “We are always looking for the latest breakthroughs in machinery and equipment; anything that results in better quality parts and shorter lead times for our clients.”
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Hirschmann becomes Carl Hirschmann

Fluorn-Winzeln-based Hirschmann GmbH has reworked its corporate identity and become Carl Hirschmann GmbH, which is an expression of brand values and based on the name of the company’s founder. Carl Hirschmann GmbH develops and produces rotary tables and clamping systems that allow precise and efficient workpiece machining on EDM machines, as well as other machine tool types. The company recently concluded its financial year, increasing sales to more than €29 million.

“Confusion and a profile that does not do justice to the performance; that was too often the feedback from customers, staff and applicants, which in turn was the reason for our decision to completely rework the corporate identity of our company,” explains Rainer Harter, managing director and CTO.
The brand is a new interpretation and a tribute to the birth of the company in Stuttgart in 1957, which was founded by Carl Hirschmann. Since 1961, the company has been located in Fluorn-Winzeln.
“Today we go back to our roots,” says Andreas Jesek, managing director and CFO of the company. “As one of the top innovators in Germany, we needed a unique name that would create a high degree of recognition all over the world.”
All of the company’s products are high precision and developed and manufactured based on customer requirements. The emphasis to be the world leader can be found in Carl Hirschmann’s new motto “the precision benchmark in bearings, indexing and clamping solutions.”
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