Filtermist invests £100,000 in training

Industrial air filtration and extraction specialist Filtermist has launched a £100,000 investment in upskilling all of its staff across the group.

Filtermist, along with sister companies Multi-Fan Systems, Dustcheck and DCS Group, has committed to giving every employee a minimum of 50 hours’ training every year, which could amount to 12,000 hours per annum in total.
Filtermist’s initiative will include job-specific courses, personal development opportunities and access to the recently launched competency workshops that cover continuous improvement, positive approach and teamwork, time management, protecting people and the environment, professionalism and quality, and customer experience. Staff will also be able to tap into masterclass sessions that will be delivered by senior management and external experts/trainers.
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Robotiq introductions boost robot dexterity

New to the UK from RARUK Automation are two Robotiq innovations designed to make automated, and even lights-out production, easier.

The first, Force Copilot, is an intuitive software development for applications that need force torque feedback, while the other is the Hand-E gripper, which is designed specifically for collaborative robots.
Sensing functions on the Robotiq Force Copilot increase flexibility and reliability in machine-tending, assembly, finishing, and pick and place applications. A suite of set-up tools allows the user to hand-guide the robot on complex trajectories. The software makes it easy to place objects precisely in jigs, trays and chucks, and facilitates assembly applications through alignment, indexing and insertion functions. Finally, the intuitive interface unlocks finishing applications, with adjustable adaptive compliance and constant force for all robot axes.
Robotiq’s Force Copilot is now a standard feature of the FT 300 force torque sensor that can be seamlessly integrated into the second of the additions to the RARUK Automation range: the Robotiq Hand-E gripper. With its compact and ergonomic shape, the Hand-E gripper is said to make collaborative robot hand-guiding safe and easy.
This latest product in RARUK Automation’s line-up of adaptive grippers, is the first UR+ electric gripper to be developed that takes full advantage of the Universal Robot e-Series. High accuracy and 50 mm parallel stroke make the Hand-E gripper suitable for precision assembly tasks, while its sealed design ensures reliability in tough manufacturing conditions. Hand-E gripper comes with a three-fingertip kit, so automation engineers can easily integrate the gripper in their application.
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Quickgrind technical centre opens

Cutting-tool manufacturer Quickgrind will open its ‘Technical Centre of Infinite Possibilities’ at its Tewkesbury headquarters over the summer months.

This centre for advanced machining strategies will provide an environment to undertake customer training, demonstrations, technical seminars, events and more. The facility will incorporate a 3-axis and a 5-axis machining centre that will be installed prior to the grand opening. In addition, the centre will be a hub for innovation partners such as Open Mind, CG Tech, Tebis, Schunk, Romi Machine Tools, Blaser, Biltz, Romheld and Quickvend.
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Compact clamping smaller than the part

Shown in the photo is the gripping power of a Spreitzer MZR vice compared with the size of the workpiece.

In this instance, the client manufactures prototypes in aluminium and titanium for the aerospace and motorsport sectors. As shown, the result is a typical example of the finished gearbox component.
The client currently utilises roughly 220 vices from Spreitzer, 200 of which are MZR 160-60 PA and the remaining variants are MZU and MZC. Due to the robustness and reliability of Spreitzer vices, the business has successfully and consistently manufactured for three years, performing a three-shift pattern without loss of production or the expense of additional cutting tools.
A further benefit of utilising Spreitzer centric clamping vices is the ability to clamp the workpieces safely without having to pre-stamp, which ultimately saves time and money. Through the use of short cutting tools and less vibration on the workpiece, longer tool life can also be achieved and the machining time per piece can be reduced due to higher metal removal.
Hyfore Workholding is a partner in the UK for Spreitzer products. Spreitzer is known for the development and production of complex system solutions in the field of clamping and measuring since 1983. The company’s areas of expertise extend from modular clamping systems for machining centres to manual quality control and special devices, touching on mechanical clamping systems along the way.
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RK Systems appoints Master

Vibro-balancing equipment manufactured by RK Systems is now available in the UK from Master Abrasives.

Based in Poland, RK Systems develops and produces measurement and data acquisition systems, such as oscilloscopes, logic analysers, universal device programmers and systems for dynamic rotor balancing. For example, the VibroDAQ portable system allows one and two-plane rotor balancing, and is equipped with an LCD touchscreen display. Similarly, VibroDAQ 4 is a measurement system for the multi-plane balancing of different rotor types. The system allows one, two, three and four-plane rotor balancing, as well as vibration measurements.
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