Compact clamping smaller than the part

Shown in the photo is the gripping power of a Spreitzer MZR vice compared with the size of the workpiece.

In this instance, the client manufactures prototypes in aluminium and titanium for the aerospace and motorsport sectors. As shown, the result is a typical example of the finished gearbox component.
The client currently utilises roughly 220 vices from Spreitzer, 200 of which are MZR 160-60 PA and the remaining variants are MZU and MZC. Due to the robustness and reliability of Spreitzer vices, the business has successfully and consistently manufactured for three years, performing a three-shift pattern without loss of production or the expense of additional cutting tools.
A further benefit of utilising Spreitzer centric clamping vices is the ability to clamp the workpieces safely without having to pre-stamp, which ultimately saves time and money. Through the use of short cutting tools and less vibration on the workpiece, longer tool life can also be achieved and the machining time per piece can be reduced due to higher metal removal.
Hyfore Workholding is a partner in the UK for Spreitzer products. Spreitzer is known for the development and production of complex system solutions in the field of clamping and measuring since 1983. The company’s areas of expertise extend from modular clamping systems for machining centres to manual quality control and special devices, touching on mechanical clamping systems along the way.
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