Real-time status board

A real-time status board display system for the shop floor is the latest acquisition by Sheldon Precision Engineering for its PSL Datatrack production control software system.

This fast-growing Barnstaple-based company provides specialist subcontract engineering and turned-parts manufacturing services which have been managed using PSL Datatrack since the business started. PSL’s status boards provide real-time visual information on any aspect of production, including the current work-to list, all jobs requiring work that day, and updates – such as material and component
stock levels.
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Doosan VMC from Mills features 2.1-m X axis

The exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK, Mills CNC, is now offering the DNM 6700XL vertical machining centre, which features an X axis of 2.1 m.

This dimension is significantly longer than that offered by the standard DNM 6700 machine (1.3 m), while the work table is also larger, at 2200 x 570 mm.
DNM 6700XL machines are equipped with directly coupled 18.5 kW/15,000 rpm spindles as standard, which are said to minimise vibration and reduce noise, especially during high-speed machining operations. The spindles also have 20 bar through-spindle coolant capability.
Additionally, the machines feature Doosan Machine Tools’ proprietary thermal compensation system, which minimises the effects of heat generation and regulates thermal expansion.
Doosan’s DNM 6700XL boasts 36 m/min rapid rates in the X and Y axes, and 30 m/min in Z. Unproductive non-cutting times are further reduced via 30-position automatic tool changers (40 or 60-position options), which are recorded as having a tool-to-tool change time of 1.2 seconds.
Grease-lubricated axis travels (as opposed to oil lubrication) help to reduce maintenance costs by up to 60% and eliminate the need for oil skimmers. What’s more, grease cartridge systems only need replacing every 3 months, as opposed to oil-based systems that require more frequent servicing and manual intervention. Technical director Tony Dale says: “Some people say that size isn’t everything, but when you’re machining large parts – it makes all the difference. The introduction of the new DNM 6700XL is evidence of Doosan meeting market demand for a large, flexible and highly productive vertical machining centre.”
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NCMT to hold gear-machining event

A one-day seminar and open house on the manufacturing of gears will be held at NCMT’s Coventry technical centre and showroom on 9 July 2019.

Various production methods will be demonstrated on Japanese-built Makino and Okuma machining centres, as well as on one of the latter manufacturer’s multi-tasking turn-mill machines.
Methods covered will include hobbing, power skiving and ‘InvoMilling’, which is capable of producing different gears using the same standard machine platform. Gear grinding will also feature, involving the use of NCMT’s proprietary EasyGear grinding software. Makino wire-cut and die-sink EDM production solutions will be among further presentations at the event.
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Starrag at Paris Air Show

From the largest structural parts to the smallest workpieces, including blades and blisks, and in all materials, especially aluminium and titanium, Starrag’s display at the Paris Air Show (17-23 June) will demonstrate how the company can provide machining solutions for the global aerospace market.

Underpinned by guaranteed uptimes (up to 96%) and low piece-part costs, whether the need is for a large-capacity Ecospeed five-axis machining centre or the smaller capacity five-axis Heckert 500 X and STC 800 X machining centres – and including the dedicated blade (LX) and blisk (NB) machines – Starrag says it has expertise in meeting all machining demands in a cost-effective and productive manner.
With a large product range of machines available under the Starrag brand – Berthiez, Bumotec, Dörries, Droop+Rein, Ecospeed, Heckert, Scharmann, SIP and Starrag – and what the company describes as a “world lead” in Industry 4.0 strategies, the Starrag stand will be manned by like-minded experts who have only one thing on their minds – the mantra of ‘engineering precisely what you value’.
The Paris Air Show follows on from another aerospace event that took place last week, when Starrag joined forces with tooling expert Kennametal to present an informative ‘Optimised Titanium and Inconel Machining’ event at the AMRC in Sheffield, UK. A variety of technical presentations were staged, along with demonstrations of best-practice machining involving Inconel and titanium workpieces. For example, pocketing routines on titanium were performed using a Starrag STC 1250 machining centre.
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Four/five-axis machine from B+W

Burkhardt + Weber (B+W) has launched a horizontal-spindle model, the MCC 800, to sit alongside the smaller MCC 630 that was introduced in 2017. Availability in the UK is through sole sales and service agent, Kingsbury.

The stiffness and power of B+W’s heavy-duty MCX range has been incorporated into the compact MCC models. In the case of the latest 800 mm (optionally 1000 mm) pallet machine, the company says it has created a rigid and powerful metal-cutting centre for producing prismatic components weighing up to 2.5 tonne (including the fixture).
B+W’s four-axis machine, including C-axis rotary table, has twin pallets and a 1400 x 1200 x 1400 or 1600 mm working envelope, and a footprint of 8.8 x 3.5 x 3.8 m. MCC series models are also the first standard machines to enter series production at the company’s Reutlingen factory in southern Germany, which until now has built machining centres to customer order.
The MCC 800 can deliver 1300 Nm of torque continuously if a 41 kW gear-driven spindle is chosen instead of a 30 kW/300 Nm motor spindle. There is a further alternative of a +45/-110° tilting spindle of identical power that adds a fifth CNC axis. Spindle speed is up to 6000 rpm, optionally 10,000 rpm, while an ISO50 tool interface can be specified instead of the standard HSK-A100. The tool changer, which has few moving parts, serves a tool magazine with 64 pockets that can be expanded to 320 on request.
Productivity is promoted by a cutting feed force of 17.5 kN and 7 m/s2 acceleration to 60 m/min rapids in the linear axes, which are fitted with linear scales for feeding positional data back to the Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl control.
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