Latest MACC bandsaw installation

Anton Saws has announced the latest MACC bandsaw installation. Built in Italy, MACC bandsaws can be acquired in the UK via Anton Saws, which reports the sale of a MACC Special 700 bandsaw featuring auto-carriage feed and large bundle-cutting capacity.

The MACC Special 700 is described by Anton Saws as a highly efficient semi-automatic belt saw with excellent cutting accuracy that can be used to cut medium/large bars and sections. Featuring a sturdy structure and an arc sliding vertically on two columns, the machine offers the required stiffness and cutting unit accuracy for many industrial sawing applications.

Among the many notable features of the machine are 4 kW motor power and a 1.5 kW control unit motor. The flywheel measures 520 mm in diameter, while the machine accommodates blades measuring 5540 x 41 x 1.3 mm (length x width x thickness) to produce a 1.5 mm cutting thickness. Cutting speeds are in the range of 20-90 m/min.

The piston stroke for the lifting bow is 600 mm, while the locking vice offers a maximum opening range up to 710 mm (302 mm jaw height, 690 mm jaw length). Integral to the machine is a 50-litre coolant tank. The saw is compact in size, measuring 1500 x 3500 x 2400 mm (width x length x height).

Optional extras include a chip conveyor, micro lubrication oil and vertical pressing.
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Blade offers longer cutting life

The latest Bahco 3858 Sandflex P9000 PQ bandsaw blade is manufactured using highly alloyed power metallurgic HSS. As a result, the blade offers improved hardness and toughness, which in turn not only produces high tooth edge performance, but improved wear resistance and longer blade life. The blade can be acquired in the UK from ADS Precision.

ADS Precision says that the new blade offers all the benefits of the traditional Bahco PQ range, providing a very precise blade due to the consistent, accurate tooth height; consequently every tooth will give the same chipload when cutting. This outcome translates into even tooth wear (better tool life) and limits the risk off overloading a tooth (less risk of tooth breakage). In addition, sharp 17° rake-angled teeth lower the cutting forces, giving more efficient ‘cool’ cutting.

The PQ tooth geometry is characterised by repeating groups of high and low set teeth separated by an unset tooth. This design means that high teeth will penetrate the material, removing the work hardened area, and low teeth will give the support to the high teeth, helping to prevent overloading and breakage.Also as per the existing PQ, the teeth have double set, which will increase the number of chips on the cut, providing a lower chipload for improved performance.

Powder metallurgy HSS is an important alternative to conventional HSS steels, since it offers improved properties in hardness and toughness. Moreover, powder metallurgy HSS has the ability to use alloying, which is not possible in conventionally melted HSS.
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Plate saw helps maximise performance

Among recent models released by Behringer is the upgraded heavy-duty plate saw LPS-T with vertical bandsaw blade. Behringer recently put its proven specialist machine for toolmaking, test cutting, small parts and blocks on the test stand and implemented a number of user-friendly modifications.

The newly developed LPS-T vertical bandsawing machine comes with a linear guided material table featuring a support surface which provides a cutting capacity of 1.27 m in length, 620 mm in width and 620 mm in height. Flexible positioning and clamping of the material is achieved using T- slots in the table that enable optimum positioning of fixtures or clamps.

Among the new feature is an optional NC measuring device, which simplifies set-up processes. After entering the required cutting depth, the measuring device enables automatic positioning. The material can be rapidly placed and aligned, ensuring greater flexibility and higher precision during the day-to-day operation.

Both the saw and the NC measuring device are controlled by an ergonomically designed and easy-to-operate BT65 touch control panel. The self-explanatory symbol-based menu system makes for faster familiarisation of new operators and simplifies machine handling.

Behringer’s LPS-T can run either bi-metal or carbide saw blades, is driven with a 4 kW drive motor and runs over large wear-proof band wheels. All blade guidance parts are made of vibration-proof grey cast iron. Bandsaw changeover has also been made even easier, and can be completed in around 2 minutes by a single operator without the aid of tools.
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Prosaw grows service department

Avoiding downtime and keeping production running is vital for meeting manufacturing deadlines and maximising profit. To provide a best-in-industry service and continue responding quickly to customers’ machine servicing requirements, Prosaw has recently added two members to its support team, creating what the company believes is the largest service support team within the industry.

The 22 personnel making up the Prosaw service department comprises field technicians based throughout the UK, as well as engineers and support personnel based at Prosaw’s centrally located head office in the UK.

All field engineers carry a satellite stock of the most commonly required spare parts and consumables in their vehicles to ensure no time is lost in sourcing parts. Prosaw engineers are backed up by spare stock levels worth over £1 million, with a current stock range of over 4000 individual items, all computerised to enable quick identification and same-day dispatch. In addition to field engineers, Prosaw’s telephone support line and in-house engineering facility make a complete machinery support team to support the industry.

Prosaw’s managing director Phil Crick says: “This really underlines our commitment to our customers for first-class aftersales support when they put their trust in Prosaw.”
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Curtain up for the Vollmer CHX saw blade grinder

At the GrindTec 2018 exhibition earlier this year, Vollmer launched its CHX 840 grinding machine. Capable of sharpening the tooth face and top of circular saw blades in one set-up, the machine is also tailored to the requirements of sharpening specialists and sawmill operators that have to continuously re-sharpen circular saws.

The machine is suitable for machining carbide-tipped circular saw blades with a diameter up to 840mm. With five CNC-controlled axes, the CHX 840 can machine saw blades with all common tooth geometries. This also applies to sawing with axial angle and group toothing.A transverse feed pawl with pneumatic lifting also permits machining of clamping segments and clamping rings.

Vollmer hasmade the CHX 840 available with different automation levels to reduce machining and set-up times. For example, the machine has an optional automatic set-up process, which consists of running in the saw blade, diameter detection as well as an acoustic sensor for touching. With the integrated sensor system of the feed pawl, the input of the tooth pitch is no longer necessary, and the automatic setting of the hook and clearance angle avoids adjustment errors.

The HS automation solution ensures automatic loading of the CHX in order to realise unmanned operation of up to seven hours. The programming and preparation of the saw blade stack is possible during machine operation. Thanks to a saw blade stack height of up to 180mm, the automatic machine loading can hold up to 25 circular saw blades. As saws are stacked with intermediate layers, teeth and blade damage can be avoided.
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