ADS Precision named sole UK agent for MEBA

ADS Precision recently announced that it has joined in partnership with MEBA to become its sole UK distributor for all sales and service requirements.

MEBA, which was established in 1958, has won many awards and holds numerous patented designs, including an innovative mitring system. The company’s production facility is based in Westerheim, Germany, although it has an extensive sales and service network within international markets.
MEBA, which has machines installed around the world, can offer a wide range of metal-cutting bandsaws, from small, manual, semi-automatic saws up to double-mitre, fully automatic CNC bandsaws. The company also manufactures customised infeed and outfeed material-handling systems with a variety of material end stops to suit bespoke requirements.
A further part of the portfolio is a new machine for the separation of 3D printed parts from the base plate, for which MEBA has developed a concept that is said to offer fast process times, good cutting results and low operating costs. With a design based on the straight saws of the MEBA-Eco product family, the new MEBA3D (pictured) is equipped with a special clamping device for mounting the base plates. Compared with conventional production processes such as wire EDM, the MEBA3D is said to be straightforward with just a few simple steps. The bandsaw can also be used for standard sawing work with a low conversion effort.
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Kaltenbach UK now represents HE&M

Kaltenbach is now the UK and Ireland sales and service representative for HE&M Saw, a US-based specialist in bandsaw technology.

Among the portfolio is the HSS series of pivot-frame horizontal bandsaws for solid materials, tubes, profiles and sections. Variants are available from semi-automatic to full CNC, with bar feeding capabilities and single directional mitring functionality. Also offered is the HSC range of dual-column bandsaws for cutting larger solid materials and heavy sections. Further HE&M machines, such as vertical bandsaws and plate saws, can also be ordered from Kaltenbach.
HE&M Saw designs and manufactures a range of both horizontal and vertical bandsaws, with many thousands of installations in North America, Canada and Mexico. Based in Oklahoma, the company’s history extends back over 50 years and remains under family ownership and management. HE&M Saw’s product range includes over 60 models, designed for solid metal, profile and plate sawing applications across the metal processing industries.
The range starts with a selection of pivot-frame models, suitable for sawing materials up to 400 mm diameter. Each machine is designed and built with a classic, heavy-duty ‘American’ style. The saw bow is arranged to ensure that the weights and cutting forces are contained directly within the pivot and kerf channel, giving high cut performance. This configuration overcomes the commonly expected wear or cut-quality issues associated with many, low-cost alternatives, says the company.
For larger capacity sawing, HE&M also manufactures dual-column bandsaws, ranging from 450 mm all the way up to 1340 mm diameter capacity. A heavy-duty design approach is again taken, with a robust portal frame equipped with low-friction guides and mechanically balanced travel to ensure that the bow descent remains consistent and true to the material.
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Master sharpens focus on saw grinding wheels

Master Abrasives has recently released a new range of Master Sawpro grinding wheels with a high-technology bond system specially engineered for the saw-sharpening industry.

The Sawpro range of wheels uses a resin bond developed for a cool-cutting action and longer life than alternative wheels. Sawpro wheels are specially designed for the manufacturing and re-sharpening of high-speed circular saws, and sharpening the tops and faces of carbide-tipped saw teeth.
Master’s Sawpro wheels are available in superabrasive and conventional abrasive grains, in all shapes and sizes. The popular industry specifications are 14F1 CBN wheels, which are suitable for Loroch machines, and diamond wheels, which suit most Vollmer machines for top and face grinding applications.
Ian Meredith, applications engineering manager, says: “Our team has developed the Sawpro range to deliver excellent performance with a cool cut, while offering great value for money. For the 14F1 CBN and diamond wheels, we will be holding stock of the most popular wheel sizes and grades.”
Master Abrasives launched the Sawpro line of grinding wheels at the GrindTec exhibition in Germany earlier this year. The key advantages of the high-technology bond system wheels were well-received by visiting engineers who work in the saw-sharpening industry.
“There was a lot of interest shown for Sawpro grinding wheels at the GrindTec event,” says Meredith. “Industry was missing a high-quality product for saw grinding that is also cost-effective, but the Master brand now fills that gap. We can offer full support with wheel selection and trials through our dedicated applications engineering team and overseas distributors to help manufacturers achieve their saw production and re-sharpening requirements.”
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Mitre-cutting bandsaw unveiled

With the latest automatic machine from its HBE series, Behringer says it has come up with a way of combining the benefits of high-performance machines for one-off sawing tasks with the tried and tested characteristics of a classic mitre saw.

High cutting outputs, simple handling and precise angular cuts are said to be among the key attributes of the HBE320-523GA mitre-cutting bandsaw.
According to the company, the HBE320-523G moves the entry-level model into a whole new performance category. A high cutting rate, simple handling and precise mitre cuts are designed to make for an attractive cost-per-cut ratio.
With a cutting range on flat materials of 520 x 320 mm, the machine can produce bilateral mitre cuts of 45° (and up to 30° on the left). The inclined position of the band wheels helps prolong the life of saw blades by reducing fatigue due to cyclical bending. Furthermore, the inclined position of the bandsaw blade allows components such as girders, angled steel and U-profiles, as well as hollow rectangular profiles, to be cut at higher speed and with less burr, says the company.
The wide range of features included on the HBE320-523G saw consist of band guiding components made of vibration-dampening grey cast iron, an electrically powered chip brush, sensitive cutting-pressure control, a wide mitre-cutting range, a spray mist cooling system and more. The cutting-pressure control system allows the saw to cut profiles and pipes at twice the speed of similar saws in a comparable price bracket, says Behringer.
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Investing in technology and knowledge

Machine tool specialist Selmach says it does not just invest heavily in the machinery it sells, but in the people who sell them too. With that in mind, the company has recently undertaken a training programme with a difference.

Those in Selmach’s team who need in-depth knowledge to provide customers with the best advice already have it, so why not give them a chance to share that passion with everyone else in the team… and the company really does mean everyone.
Selmach reports that it is going to start with the Sterling SRA 440 DGSA semi-automatic double-mitring bandsaw. The company says this machine, which is from the Sterling SRA DGSA range of heavy-duty bandsaws, is very popular for medium-sized fabricators, and ideal for those who want to do bigger jobs. Investing in a Sterling SRA 440 DGSA also represents a genuine step up from the Bianco 440MS.
According to Selmach, the SRA-440 is built to process high tonnage, and it does just that, for some of the country’s largest and most successful companies. Capacity is 610 x 440 mm, and there is a 34 mm blade, carbide blade guides and double mitre with infeed/outfeed roller track.
After the cut, the blade keeps rotating as the bow returns to ensure it is not pinched, while also cleaning off any excess swarf to eliminate the risk of jamming. In addition, the optional spray mist attachment keeps everything cool by spreading the coolant more evenly, and the large-capacity coolant tray with gauze filter ensures any swarf does not find its way to undesirable places.
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