Mitre-cutting bandsaw unveiled

With the latest automatic machine from its HBE series, Behringer says it has come up with a way of combining the benefits of high-performance machines for one-off sawing tasks with the tried and tested characteristics of a classic mitre saw.

High cutting outputs, simple handling and precise angular cuts are said to be among the key attributes of the HBE320-523GA mitre-cutting bandsaw.
According to the company, the HBE320-523G moves the entry-level model into a whole new performance category. A high cutting rate, simple handling and precise mitre cuts are designed to make for an attractive cost-per-cut ratio.
With a cutting range on flat materials of 520 x 320 mm, the machine can produce bilateral mitre cuts of 45° (and up to 30° on the left). The inclined position of the band wheels helps prolong the life of saw blades by reducing fatigue due to cyclical bending. Furthermore, the inclined position of the bandsaw blade allows components such as girders, angled steel and U-profiles, as well as hollow rectangular profiles, to be cut at higher speed and with less burr, says the company.
The wide range of features included on the HBE320-523G saw consist of band guiding components made of vibration-dampening grey cast iron, an electrically powered chip brush, sensitive cutting-pressure control, a wide mitre-cutting range, a spray mist cooling system and more. The cutting-pressure control system allows the saw to cut profiles and pipes at twice the speed of similar saws in a comparable price bracket, says Behringer.
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