Zero-point clamping system unveiled

Introduced at last month’s MACH 2018 by 1st MTA was a new zero-point clamping system from V-Tech (pictured). For clamping workpieces on CNC machining centres, this pneumatic quick-change system features 24 kN retraction of the clamping pin in each receiver, and a positioning accuracy of better than 5 µm.

Mechanical vices, clamping chucks and bars, and special workholding fixtures, can be accommodated in the receivers, while positioning slots allow precise 90° indexing. The self-clamping mechanism, which uses high-power springs to secure the workpiece and fixture, ensures that the force is still applied after the air has been disconnected. Pneumatic power is only required again for release. Clamping bases are available to hold one, two, four or six receivers, which are 135 mm in diameter but only 41 mm high, so little Z-axis travel is lost.
With regard to rotary tables, on show was Kitagawa’s latest TT150 tilting-type compound table with 150 mm faceplate. The TT150 is designed to be interfaced directly with a machining centre control or operated via a MAC mini controller. Also featured was the heavy-duty GT series models that deliver clamping torques up to 2800 Nm.
Elsewhere on the stand, 1st MTA demonstrated a Chick Indexer SubSystem (ISS), showing how more components could be presented to a machining centre spindle by adding a fourth axis. Another Chick product on show was the latest lightweight version of its One-Lok clamping system, which is pitched as a superior alternative to the conventional wind-up vice.
To further support its workholding offer, 1st MTA presented permanent electromagnetic clamping systems and materials handling products from Tecnomagnete, while MillTec Grip magnetic workholding systems were displayed for five-axis and five-sided metal-cutting applications.
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