Subcontractor on a roll with Nakamura machines

As a subcontractor with a distinct niche in thread rolling, Dobson & Beaumont has been in business for more than 100 years. As well as machining nuts, the company cold-forms bolts and special fittings to work harden the thread, thus improving overall thread strength by more than 25% when compared to typical thread-cutting operations. Before rolling, the Blackburn-based company machines some of the most daunting materials known to the industry, which is why the company purchased a Nakamura-Tome AS200LMSY, followed by a Nakamura SC100X2, from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).

Installed and running at the end of 2022, the SC100X2 is already reducing cycle times by upward of 30%. This is credit to several factors. Firstly, the new SC100X2 offers superimposed machining.

“Superimposed machining is a game-changer for our business, as we can now hit parts with two tools simultaneously by overlapping operations between main and sub-spindles,” explains Richard Guest, managing director of Dobson & Beaumont.“This has reduced cycle times noticeably already. On high-value motorsport studs, we have cut the cycle time from 3 minutes to 1minute 30 seconds.”

The sub-spindle can move not only toward the main spindle for component pick-up, but also in synchronicity with the lower turret for machining operations that can take place while the upper turret is machining on the main spindle.

“We machine hard materials such as MP35N and AERMET 100, which has a tensile strength of 1900 Pa,” says Guest.“Before the arrival of the SC100X2, we had to sub many of these parts out, which added 2-3 weeks to our lead time. Now, we can machine in-house and keep lead times to just days while eliminating additional subcontract costs.”
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