Subcontractor gets into gear with Quaser machine

Leicestershire-based Sovereign Gears has recently invested in a Quaser MF400UH five-axis machining centre that follows on from three Nakamura turning centres also purchased from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).

Director Ryan Spring says: “The majority of our work is 1- and 2-off bespoke gears, as well as jigs and kits for holding, assembling and working with the gears. Unfortunately, with so many complex forms, most of our milling work requires two, three or four set-ups, and this can take a lot of time and slow down our throughput. We bought the Quaser MF400UH with Open Mind’shyperMILL CAM software, also supplied via ETG to reduce our set-ups. The Quaser is our first five-axis machine, but we’re already seeing huge benefits.”

Previously, set-up time were frequently in the order of 4-5 hours, but the Quaser has instantly eliminated 75% of this time, and with only a single set-up required for five-sided machining.The precision of each component is subsequently improved.

“As a small business, it’s imperative that we maximise the productivity of both our machine tools and our staff,” says Spring.“By having the Quaser machine and reducing our set-ups, we’re freeing-up the capacity of two employees. Instead of spending excessive hours repeatedly setting up three-axis machines, staff can be allocated to other tasks.”

He adds: “Since having the Quaser, we’ve improved our ability to machine complex forms and this has ultimately won us new business that previously, we would have turned away. The ability to increase the type of work that we can machine, such as round gear teeth, challenging chamfers, forms and keyways has enabled us to increase our customer base and our offering to those customers.”
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