Sheffield Forgemasters partners WaldrichSiegen

Sheffield Forgemasters has signed a long-term partnership with machine tool supplier WaldrichSiegen for lifetime support of its proposed new machining facility.WaldrichSiegen will deliver a 10-year, through-life and production-support contract, plus the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of 17 new machine tools to create highly accurate, complex machinedshapes from ultra-large steel castings and forgings. McDowell Machine Tools represents WaldrichSiegen in the UK.

The machining line will sit in a proposed new building at the company’s Brightside Lane site, and includes a series of large-scale, five-axis vertical turning lathesthat form part of a recapitalisation investment of up to £400mover 10 years. Scheduled for delivery between 2025 and 2028, the machine line-up comprises: seven heavy-duty VTLs with 5-8m tables; three gantry mills with 6-16m turning capability; three RAM hydrostatic boring mills; three heavy-duty horizontal lathes with 24-27 m beds; and one gantry bandsaw.
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