Reliable and stable machining of steel parts

With the new MP6 geometry, Walter is rounding off its range for the medium machining of steel (secondary application: ISO M, K, S). The MP6 combines features for medium machining, such as a positive rake angle, with those of roughing inserts, such as a tough cutting edge. This makes the geometry a suitable link between the existing MP4 geometry for medium machining (with good chip-breaking on soft steels) and the RP4 geometry for roughing operations (with a tough cutting edge for high feeds).

Walter offers the MP6 geometry in CCMT, DCMT, TCMT and VBMT basic ISO shapes. A short primary chamfer on the cutting edge, which is characteristic of roughing inserts, ensures a high degree of stability, even in challenging conditions like when machining forged parts with interrupted cuts. The 18° rake angle, tough cutting edge and special chip-breaking geometry ensure chip control during medium machining.

Walter specifies feeds from 0.1 to 0.4 mm/rev and depths of cut from 0.4 to 4 mm as the range for the machining parameters. To prevent vibration on thin-walled components, Walter has given the MP6 geometry an open chip-breaker groove, which reduces cutting pressure even when machining at a higher depth of cut. This feature also makes the MP6 suited to unstable components and components with long overhangs, such as during internal turning. Its straight cutting edge makes it suitable for use as a chamfer insert, regardless of the application.

In addition, the new Tiger·tec Gold grades have a positive impact on tool life. WPP10G, WPP20G and WPP30G are adapted to different operating conditions, leading to increased tool life and performance across a broad range of applications.
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