Kasto technology cuts lead timesat stockholder

Bieber + Marburg, a steel and non-ferrous metals stockholder in Germany, is using a new sawing centre from Kasto for close-tolerance cutting to length of its various bar, tube, profile and other products. As a result, the company is seeing reduced lead times from order to delivery and can respond more flexibly to customer requests.

At Bieber + Marburg, the demand for sawing in particular is increasing enormously, so the company needed to examine how best to expand this side of its business and determine what technology to target. The conclusion was to purchase a new sawing centre from Kasto.

During a demonstration, the impressive speed of an automatic production circular saw from the KASTOvariospeed range impressed the stockholder’s management and it quickly became apparent that it would be the optimum solution to the shortfall in cutting capacity.
Adjacent to the circular saw, a KASTOsort robot is responsible for cut piece container management. The robot recognises the containers, which already contain the relevant delivery label, and loads the required parts into them automatically, even unattended over the weekend.

The new KASTOcenter varioplus 4 warehouse is 50 m long by 7 m wide and 9m high. It contains about 1500 shelves with space for material up to 7 m long and 330 mm in diameter. A gantry crane stores and retrieves stock at up to 60 m/min.

Marcel Finkernagel, director of administration and organisation at Bieber + Marburg, says: “The KASTOcenter varioplus 4 has enabled us to reduce set-up time from 15 to 20 minutes on the bandsaws, to less than two minutes on the circular saw. Operation is then automatic, with consistent quality of cut on material up to the saw’s maximum capacity of 330 mm diameter.”
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