Heptron going global with renewable energy systems

Heptron Manufacturing, a specialist in innovative flywheel-based energy storage systems, is looking to license its patented technology around the world, a move that had led to new investment in machine tools.

“We initially put machining out to subcontract, but as things developed, we were constantly facing delays in production, so the decision was taken to invest in our own machining capacity,” says managing director Gary Murphy. “An ex-colleague of ours is a service engineer with XYZ Machine Tools, so we talked to him and then got the area sales manager in for a chat. He sat us down, looked at what we needed and suggested a solution, the result being the arrival of an SLX 1630 ProTurn lathe and an XYZ 1000LR vertical machining centre.”
XYZ says that the SLX 1630 ProTurn lathe is proving a popular choice for those companies making the transition from manual to CNC turning. The machine makes use of the latest ProtoTrak SLX control system that ensures even one-off and small batches are produced with high efficiency.
The simplicity of the conversational programming means that even those with limited or no CNC experience can be producing complex components in a matter of hours of the machine being installed, says the company. Regarding the specification of the SLX 1630, a 400 mm swing over bed, 760 mm between centre distance and 54 mm spindle bore is combined with a 5.75 kW spindle offering a speed range of 150-2500 rpm, to create a versatile package for prototype and small batch production.
For further information www.xyzmachinetools.com