Ergonomic bicycle assembly boosts productivity

At Rose Bikes in Bocholt, 120 different bicycle and e-bike models weighing between 5 and 28 kg are ergonomically manufactured on six flow lines with the help of flexible Bike Promobil assembly carts produced by Roemheld. The result of a joint development project between the two German companies, the cart is now available worldwide, including in the UKand Ireland through Roemheld UK.

A shortage of potential employees in the Bocholt area, near the Dutch border, prompted family-run Rose to look for a production solution to meet increasing demand for its products. Instead of producing on a conveyor belt, as is the case with other bicycle manufacturers, Rose chose the flow line option when it opened its new factory in 2020.

Stefan Strauss, production manager at Rose, says: “The conveyor belt is too inflexible and tends to stress employees. Flow line production is much more operator friendly, so it’s easier to find new staff and train them. Work should be fun. We don’t have anyone watching with a stopwatch and staff take turns at different stations to maintain their interest.”

Strauss originally wanted to design and build an assembly aid himself, but did not have enough time. So in 2020, Roemheld offered an early version of the cart, but it was too big, heavy, inflexible and expensive. A development partnership took shape to address these issues. One elegant idea was to hold the bike not by gripping on the frame but by placing an insert into the seat tube. Adapter sleeves accommodate different tube diameters on the various bike models, making the clamping process universal across the whole range. Rose Bikes now has 130 Bike Promobil assembly carts from Roemheld.
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