Electric sheet lifters for press brakes

Gasparini has introduced its new press-brake electric sheet lifters, which are completely controlled by the CNC. The lifters are available in single- or dual-axis versions, with optional interpolation for better sheet tracking and support.

In dual interpolated axis configuration, the device continuously follows the part during bending, reducing the risk of scratches and counterbends. A counterbend can occur during the bending of very large, heavy or thin plate. The overhang generates a torque that makes the sheet bend around the die edge under its own weight. To overcome this issue, the sheet lifter supports the plate during the entire bending cycle.
An optional optimisation of the bending process consists of raising the ram before lowering the sheet lifter. This operation avoids, in case of a U-shaped bend, the return flange getting caught on the punch. When the ram goes up, the plate is lifted and then falls down, with potential damage to the part, tools and operators.
Sheet lifters are available in two sizes, providing a torque of 600 or 1200 Nm for the largest and heaviest sheets. Parts that needed two operators, can now be bent by just one person, in complete safety and without physical strain. In many cases, the use of forklfts and overhead travelling cranes may also be reduced.
Extended stroke allows bending angles as closed as 70° to be achieved. Height can be adjusted from -30 to +170 mm, to match dies with openings as wide as 100 to 160 mm. The resting surface is equipped with ball transfers and allows the installation of several options such as brushes, anti-scratch cladding, rulers, adjustable stops and telescopic extensions.
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