Bharat Forge Daun relies on Emag machines

Unusually sophisticated components and high-strength materials for high-tech applications, like stator housings for electromobility with tolerances in micron range, are among the machining challenges tackled by the specialists at Bharat Forge Daun in Germany. At the centre of this activity areseveral vertical turning lathes (VTLs) from Emag, which operate around the clock, five days a week.

The vertical design of thesemachines played an important role in the investment decision, asa horizontal machine from another manufacturer had caused difficulties in the past. Annoying chip clusters would form, requiring manual removal two or three times a shift.

“It was therefore obvious to us that we should carry out these processes in machines with a vertical design, because their unhindered chip flow prevents disruptions,” explainsChristoph Steffens, head of mechanical engineering at Bharat Forge Daun. “Our objective was to achieve maximum process reliability.”

Another factor in the decision in favour of Emag was existing knowledge: the machine tool manufacturer used examples from other customers toshow how its machines optimise stator machining – with low non-productive times and high-precision handling processes. Integrated automation, including a pick-up spindle and lateral conveyor belt, ensures fast processes, while the stable base body is made of Mineralit polymer concrete.

Last but not least, the response time and the expertise of Emag’s service department play an important role for Bharat Forge Daun. A regional service technician is always on site within a few hours and solves any problems directly.

“So far we have always been helped with minor faults in record time,” says Steffens.

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