Dinolift invests in modern PEMA automation

Finnish aerial platform manufacturing company Dinolift Oy has placed an order for a robotised PEMA welding station. The delivery includes an automated solution for laser boom cutting and welding manufacturing. As a part of the investment, Pemamek will provide support for establishing the optimum welding parameters and the station’s lifecycle services. The project covers a maintenance contract that includes annual servicing, updates and remote support. Pemamek’s automated solution will be delivered and ready for production by spring 2022.

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Five-axis grinding from ETG

Five-axis grinding is now a technology available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) thanks to the arrival of the FGC 2 flexible grinding centre manufactured by Winbro. Produced in the UK, the Winbro FGC 2 demonstrates flexibility with its 4th and 5th axis capabilities that permit complex component form grinding to be undertaken simply, quickly and precisely.

The FGC 2 features both profiled diamond roll and rotary diameter disk dressing capability to provide fast and efficient set ups. Furthermore, the machine is available with double dresser capability for multiple and extended machining operations. The dressing facility enables the economic and precise dressing of complex fir tree root forms and shroud end features that are commonplace in the aerospace industry.

From a specification perspective, the Winbro FGC 2 offers an X, Y and Z-axis work envelope of 800 x 600 x 510 mm, with a rotary A axis of 360° and tilting B axis of ±110°. The work surface of the table is 1400 x 650 mm, while the machine can rapidly traverse around the X, Y and Z axes at 32 m/min with an acceleration rate of 5 m/sec2.

The Winbro FGC 2 achieves accuracy levels in accordance with ISO230-2, with positional accuracy in the X, Y and Z axes of 0.005 mm and repeatability of 0.003 mm. The machine features a Heidenhain iTNC 640 CNC and a 38 kW spindle motor with BBT40 spindle taper that can achieve a maximum speed of 8000 rpm.

Control is via proprietary grinding software that is easy to use, operator-friendly and simple to program via on-screen graphics.

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Ford plant orders 500 FANUC robots

Automation specialist and industrial robot manufacturer FANUC has received another major order in the field of e-mobility. Scheduled for delivery in 2022, the company will supply the Cologne plant of Ford with around 500 robots to assist in the construction of electric car bodies.

The Ford manufacturing facility in Cologne is currently undergoing transition into the Ford Cologne Electrification Centre, a development and production site for electric vehicles that will serve the entire European market. In 2023, the carmaker expects its first purely electric high-volume passenger model to roll off the plant’s production line. Ford says it will only offer battery-electric passenger cars in Europe from 2030.

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Sodick EDM aids vital medical work

Belfast-based Crossen Engineering, a specialist in both toolmaking and parts production for injection moulding and pressing/stamping operations, has invested in a new Sodick AD35L spark-erosion machine from Sodi-Tech EDM. The machine, which arrived in December 2020, is now busy producing mould and press tools for a range of important medical projects.

“Medical work has high demands in terms of accuracy, complexity and turnaround time, which we know from experience is ideally suited to the attributes of Sodick machines,” explains managing director Paul Crossen.

The medical sector is proving resilient for Crossen Engineering. Among current projects is the manufacture of aluminium prototype mould tools for colostomy draining solutions, walking aids to improve mobility among arthritis sufferers, and bespoke wheelchair parts for children with disabilities.

“Also, during the pandemic, the demand for PPE has been strong,” says Crossen. “For instance, we’ve already made three injection mould tools for face shields, producing the finished parts on site. We received an order near the beginning of the pandemic to supply 70,000 face shields a week to our local NHS facilities as part of the HeroShield project, which is still running, but on a reduced level.”

The Sodick AD35L was an ex-demo model that arrived on site in Belfast within four weeks of order placement.

“Since installation, the machine has been busy producing mainly medical moulds, both prototype and production [aluminium and tool steel],” says Crossen. “P20 tool steel was used for the mould that makes the mobility product, for instance. The level of surface finish we require, along with mould complexity, means the AD35L is a great solution.”

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New machine acquisition model

Machine tool manufacturer DMG Mori has extended its end-to-end digital solutions by introducing a new way for existing and prospective users to acquire its machine tools, apps, other software and value-added services. The new PAYZR business model, powered by Industry 4.0 platform ADAMOS, offers a digital point of sale at dmgmoristore.com from where customers can configure and order equipment-as-a-service and software-as-a-service.
PAYZR (pay with zero risk) is a hybrid system based on pay-per-use rather than ownership. It allows manufacturers to acquire a new machine tool by paying a monthly subscription plus a fee per spindle hour used. The cost of both depends on the machine selected, its specification and the duration of the contract. Included is a package that comprises supply, commissioning, training, service and maintenance, as well as insurance covering a machine crash and loss of earnings while the machine is out of action.

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