XYZ delivers on its promise

The first customer to take advantage of XYZ Machine Tools’ offer of free loan machines to aid the fight against COVID-19 has taken delivery of its machine. The Midlands-based subcontractor needed additional turning capacity to assist with an order for respirator and oxygen regulator valves.

Having assessed the options, the user selected an XYZ320LTY turning centre with Y-axis and live tooling capability.
Delivery took place on 15 April, with commissioning and training completed the following day so that production could begin immediately. The offer of a completely free of charge loan machine is open to any business currently manufacturing components for any emergency medical equipment that will be used to assist the NHS at this
critical time. Subject to availability and suitability, the customer can choose any ex-stock model from XYZ Machine Tools.
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Starrag UK names sales manager

Starrag UK has bolstered its nationwide sales team with the appointment of Phil Roberts as sales manager to meet an increasing number of enquiries for its machine range and engineering solutions.

Roberts, whose role will include focusing on customers in Starrag’s target areas of aerospace, energy, transportation, industrial and medical devices, brings to Starrag UK more than 20 years’ experience in production engineering and machine-tool sales, especially in developing solutions for complex turning and multi-axis milling applications.
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Kennametal drill for aerospace

The B21*SGL solid-carbide drill with through-coolant has been unveiled by Kennametal. Designed for stainless steel, nickel and cobalt-based alloys, the B21*SGL with patented point geometry and monolayer PVD AlTiN coating, is said to deliver improved productivity and longer tool life in aerospace and energy sector applications.

Frank Martin, product manager – solid-carbide drills, says: “In customer tests, the B21*SGL consistently outperforms competing drills, producing more holes in less time, with improved hole straightness and surface quality. The new design virtually eliminates the risk of chipping and flaking that lead to drill failure. And thanks to a unique point gash, it offers the lowest thrust level on the market, enabling productive drilling even in delicate workpiece geometries.”
Among the problems with aerospace alloys is their tendency to stick to the cutting tool, leading to built-up edge and corner chipping. The B21*SGL’s proprietary gash geometry, polished cutting edge, negative rake corner margin and ‘chip-friendly’ flute design, mitigates these effects, while encouraging chip evacuation and reducing cutting forces.
“Several customers have seen tool life improve by two to six times in a variety of challenging materials, even after increasing feed rates by up to 50% in some cases,” says Martin.
Drilling is a critical machining process, especially for those producing turbines. As the operation typically comes near the end of the production cycle, when workpieces are at maximum value, a broken drill can damage or even destroy components worth thousands of pounds.
Matthieu Guillon, key account manager – aerospace, says: “This new solid-carbide drill will bring value to anyone needing to drill large numbers of holes in Inconel, titanium, PH-series stainless steels and other heat-resistant super alloys.”
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Riley Surface World supplies critical machinery to VentilatorChallengeUK, supporting the NHS against Covid-19

Rileys Surface World is proud to have supported the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium with the delivery of two machines critical to the manufacture of ventilators for the fight against Covid-19.

Rolls Royce PLC and GKN Aerospace each have a Kerry Microsolve 250M Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine delivered to their design & manufacturing plants in Filton (Bristol, UK) and Cowes (Isle of Wight, UK), supplied by Riley Surface World.

These quality machines use ultrasonic frequencies to clean parts to a very high specification, essential to parts used in the manufacture of ventilators for medical use.

Many of the consortium members are long term customers and the trust earnt by Rileys Surface World has played a significant role in ensuring rapid delivery of these machines.

“We really appreciate all the stops you’ve pulled out for us on this”
Martin Williams – Chief Industrialisation Engineer – Rolls Royce UK

“I couldn’t be happier. This will make a world of difference to our production flow. I am very thankful”
Glyn Lavell ChPP| Programme Manager, GKN Aerospace UK

Riley Surface World’s strengths come to fore
The supply of these machines demonstrates the strength of Riley’s team even in these difficult times.

The first used Kerry 250M was available from stock in our 5,000m2 warehouse having been bought from Thales UK in January to ensure availability of these popular machines.

This machine has been supplied refurbished by our in-house engineering team in conjunction with long term partner CRV controls. A range of critical spares, commissioning and training is also being supplied alongside our guarantee to confirm Riley’s commitment to supporting the consortium and the NHS.

The second used Kerry 250M machine was sourced from Riley’s industry network as soon as a need was identified across the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium. Once found Riley’s moved quickly to place the machine with GKN Aerospace over just one weekend.

Riley Surface World must thank our key partners in recognising the importance of these machines and supporting their rapid delivery. CRV Controls has provided engineering support and on-site commissioning and training. Our hauliers have also been excellent support responding same day because of the speed of delivery of this project.

UK manufacturing gearing up the NHS up for Covid-19 challenge
The VentilatorChallengeUK consortium includes leading UK industrial, technology and engineering businesses from across the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors such as Airbus, BAE, Ford, GKN, Rolls Royce, Thales and McLaren F1.

The consortium has come together to produce medical ventilators for the UK. The UK Government has placed orders for ventilators to be delivered as soon as possible and the consortium is making rapid progress.

Ventilators are essential to the NHS and the consortium is supporting existing suppliers to expand production and adding new Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator Systems to the supply chain.

You can contact Riley Surface World to discuss your machinery needs.
Tel: +44 (0) 1922 458000, Email:
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Latest Walter grooving tools

The Cut DX18 double-edged grooving and parting-off system has been launched by Walter GB. With novel lateral clamping, the system is said to elevate performance standards, especially on Swiss-type automatic lathes and multi-spindle machines.


This newly developed tool is the latest addition to Walter’s ever-expanding grooving and parting-off range that offers users increased tool life and high process reliability in quick cycle times, says the company. Suitable for parting diameters of up to 35 mm, DX18 features a positive engagement system – the insert geometry lends itself to being locked securely – as opposed to conventional screw clamping where the characteristics of the cutting forces mean that existing clamping forces are insufficient, with negative effects on machining quality and process reliability.
A further innovation with the Walter Cut DX18 is the use of the SmartLock system in the G4014 tool holders, which simplifies insert changeover. Rather than having to remove the entire tool (often in cramped and ‘oily’ machine conditions), SmartLock’s insert clamping screw is changeable to either side of the tool for easy and quick insert change, with a blanking plug provided to protect the unused side. Thanks to the positive engagement, a new insert – even those of very narrow width – will always locate correctly.
The potential of the system has been successfully proven in tests on a Swiss-type automatic lathe, where the customer particularly liked not having to remove the tool for insert changing. An outer diameter of 12 mm was parted off from 1.4057 high-tensile martensitic stainless steel – the cutting-edge width was 2 mm. DX18 more than doubled tool life compared with the single-edged alternative, and with maximum process reliability and productivity.
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