Manufacturing in Aerospace open day

Renishaw is inviting engineers to register for a free place at its forthcoming Manufacturing in Aerospace open day.

Taking place on 5 March at the company’s Innovation Centre in Gloucestershire, leading figures in the aerospace industry will illustrate the key trends and technologies that are transforming the sector. The day aims to lead discussions on the direction that the aerospace industry is taking, and what is expected of the
supply chain in order to fulfil these ever-changing requirements in a buoyant and growing sector. Presentations during the day will include those
from Airbus, GKN and Rolls-Royce.
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MGP provides boost

Blackman & White, which employs 28 people at a factory in Essex, grew 10% in 2018 after a surge of orders from customers involved in the aerospace, automotive and marine sectors.

The company is now targeting greater production control, operational efficiencies and the opportunity to scale after it successfully commissioned a new MRP system thanks to the support of the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP).
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Lightweight face mills for aluminium

The DTM lightweight milling system has been expanded by Horn to include two newly developed versions.

DTM.CX09 arbour milling cutters are designed as roughing tools for use in applications that involve high cutting depths and place fewer demands on surface quality, while the DTM.CX09.AL.F face mill for finishing adds an adjustable body to the existing product range. Axial run-out can be adjusted to the exact micron using a presetter.
Tool holders feature an aluminium body with a low mass, resulting in reduced energy consumption during acceleration and deceleration. As the weight is less than that of a steel cutter, faster spindle speed changes can be achieved. There is also less wear on the spindle at high speeds as the cutter body features a protective hard coating to prevent damage caused by chip impact.
Diameters between 40 and 125 mm are offered by the arbour milling cutter bodies, which feature from four to eight effective cutting edges. All body versions feature an internal coolant supply. The system is used for milling up to a maximum cutting speed of 5,000 m/min. Inserts are available from stock in several diamond materials and a variety of geometries, making it possible to obtain a cost-effective alternative to brazed face mills. Chip-breaker geometries reduce chip volume and increase process reliability.
The inserts are available with a PCD or CVD-D coating. PCD grade PD75 is described as a useful all-rounder for aluminium machining. Horn recommends substrate PD70 for alloys with a high silicon content. The substrate HD08 (CVD-D) is used for highly abrasive materials. CVD-D consists of 99.9% diamond to maximise wear resistance. All material versions are available in a range of different geometries to suit the application.
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ITC makes latest Widia Novo available

Widia Novo – the digital process planning system – has been enhanced with newly designed elements to enrich content and continue streamlining machine shop processes.

Availability in the UK is via Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC). Among many capabilities, Widia Novo technology can supply a quick turnaround quote on modified standards of solid drills. Recently added to the Novo platform is the quoting of modified drill sizes, and an improved search engine and channel connections.
“Novo can supply a quick turnaround [in minutes] quote on solid drills modified against the standard option,” says Katie Richardson, Novo director of program management. “We’re continually adding new internal support systems that make finding the right tool even easier. Just tell us what you’re looking for and Novo can quote it, with expected delivery – fast.
“The search engine is always being fine-tuned for improvements,” she adds. “We took the ranking function of ‘Novo Advise’ and applied it to our product search so that the system can now rank the hundreds of turning inserts that fit your tool holder by performance and value. Machine shops can quickly choose the most effective tooling package based on performance, availability, price or whatever parameters they choose.”
Tens of thousands of tools are combined on Novo with 90 years of process knowledge into a cloud-enabled digital knowledge stream that interfaces with CAM packages, pre-setters and a growing number of technology providers. Responding to user questions, Novo defines machining sequences, selects and ranks the best tools, builds tool assemblies, downloads CAD models for simulations and process planning, and obtains application parameters that include speed/feed recommendations and inventory availability – all in minutes.
Recommendations for tooling can be further optimised for a customer’s specific machines and conditions.
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‘Factory in a Box’

Experts at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry have developed a demonstrator to show businesses how they can grow through the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies and processes.

Created by the MTC working alongside the University of Birmingham, Loughborough University and a team of industry partners, the ‘Factory in a Box’ is an industrial scale demonstrator. A formal launch is planned by the MTC on 13 March. Manufacturers are invited
to attend the free event and learn how their businesses can benefit from the adoption of a smarter, more digital approach.
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