ITC has fresh apprentice intake

Committed to training the next generation of engineers, cutting-tool manufacturer Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has employed yet another new apprentice.

Tyler Green has joined ITC as the sixth apprentice in the past three years. During a recent work experience programme, Green demonstrated an excellent aptitude for mechanical engineering and has now been rewarded with an opportunity to transfer this aptitude into workplace experience over the next four years.
Upon completion of his four-year apprenticeship, Green will combine shop-floor training with day-release academic qualifications to become a fully trained CNC machinist. ITC says that combining on-the-job training using the latest production technology with academic qualifications will put Green on the path to a promising career in manufacturing.
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Timesavers highlights efficiency at EuroBlech

At the world’s largest trade fair for the sheet-metal industry, EuroBlech (23-26 October, Hanover), Timesavers will unveil several new innovations and productivity enhancing developments.

Timesavers’ machines are available in the UK via Ellesco.
Central to the Timesavers display will a combination of its rotary brush machine, the 42 series WWRBW, and an ‘add-on’ underside-finishing machine. This combination will bring added versatility to the recently upgraded 42 Series machine and lead to reduced processing times for the deburring and edge rounding of sheet material.
The additional unit sits at the front of the 42 Series machine in a dedicated conveyor belt zone. Here, the workpiece has its bottom face deburred and edges rounded prior to it being processed through the 42 Series machine. This process has the benefit of completely eliminating the requirement for a second pass and saving considerable cycle time.
A further innovation from Timesavers is the Hammer Head, a new aggregate that is designed to remove heavy slag on larger steel products. Visitors to the stand can see the Hammer Head in action on a 42 Series HWRB machine.
Timesavers’ programme
of updates to its portfolio continues with the 12 Series machine, which has gained a completely new look (to be unveiled at the exhibition). The 12 Series machine is said to be a cost-effective route for metal finishing, deburring and edge rounding. Completing the display from Timesavers will be the 32 Series WRBW, the 22 Series WMDB and a 10 Series manual grinder.
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Toolmaker relies on Vollmer tool grinder

Japanese manufacturer Heiwa Sangyo produces mould tools and critical components for the aerospace, space and rail sectors.

The company also manufactures carbide cutting tools such as end mills, drills and reamers to machine its mould tools. For the manufacture and the sharpening of cutting tools, Heiwa Sangyo relies on the VGrind grinding machine from Vollmer.
Vollmer equipped its VGrind with automation solutions so that Heiwa Sangyo can grind and sharpen its carbide tools unmanned and around the clock. In addition, the Vollmer machine realises multi-level machining via two vertical spindles. As a result, the company can manufacture its cutting tools precisely, individually and in large quantities.
“The VGrind not only facilitates accurate production, but also many possibilities such as circular and cone grinding, an advantage that no other competitor has today,” states managing director Dr Yasuhiro Yao. “If one attempts to manufacture a ball cutter with a cone, the cone has to be machined first on a circular grinding machine essentially using two grinding machines. The VGrind from Vollmer does all this in one step.”
Another reason for choosing the VGrind was that Vollmer has its own subsidiary in Japan. This presence allows the company to provide local support to Heiwa Sangyo, whether it is maintenance, repairs or training.
Heiwa Sangyo employs around 180 staff and has been active in the international metalworking industry for over 50 years. With headquarters in Tokyo, the company also has three production sites in Funabashi, Ichikawa and Komagane. Heiwa Sangyo has become an important business partner in heavy industry and can count well-known companies such as GE and Rolls-Royce among its list of international customers.
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Drill-to-finish bore solutions

The recent acquisition by Sunnen of BTA Heller has created an interesting solution for shops seeking complete bore drilling-to-finishing capabilities.

As a result of the purchase, Sunnen, which claims to be the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of honing systems for precision bore sizing and finishing, now adds BTA’s deep-hole tooling and systems for primary hole generation.
“We have developed various tools and systems to facilitate intricate, internal, profiled deep-hole drilling from 12.7 to 914.4 mm (0.5 to 36”) diameter,” says Mark Sollich, director of Sunnen’s BTA Heller division. “To combine forces with Sunnen and its bore geometry expertise creates a unique resource. No other company can provide a total bore solution from the creation of the primary hole to the final bore finish specifications.”
In addition, as Sunnen enters the skiving/roller burnishing sector, the company brings its approach of providing support to customers using non-Sunnen equipment for bore creation and finishing, a key advantage for shops with a variety of machine types and/or manufacturers.
“Our companies complement each other very well,” says Chris Miltenberger, president and COO of Sunnen. “No other deep-hole/BTA company has Sunnen’s global presence for customer, technical and post-sales support. The transfer of knowledge between the two companies will create a unique value proposition, and Sunnen’s financial stability and strong sales and service network will deliver this expertise to our customers.”
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Showing off the best in tool grinding

Walter Ewag UK, a member of the United Grinding Group, reports that a number of machines from the Walter Helitronic tool grinding/erosion and Walter Helicheck tool measurement machine range, as well as Ewag’s Laser Line Precision insert production machine, will be on view at AMB (18-22 September, Stuttgart).

Visitors to AMB will, therefore, have the opportunity to see for themselves the build quality of these machines and, of course, investigate the numerous technology features available to help improve productivity and quality levels in terms of both
tool manufacturing and regrinding, as well as tool inspection and insert production using a laser.
From the Walter Helitronic range of multi-axis tool grinding/erosion and re-grinders, on show will be the two-in-one Power Diamond 400 grinding/erosion machine with robot loader – for the production of PCD as well as carbide tooling – and the Power 400 tool grinder/re-grinder with robot loader.
Both machines can accommodate tools of 3 to 315 mm diameter and up to 380 mm long, and in addition to having a grinding wheel/electrode changer (four-station as standard; eight-station optional) for increased automation and unmanned operation, both can utilise a range of robot loading solutions.
Walter’s Tool Studio 3 software will also be available, and this has integrated wizard technology for fast tool production simulation, parameter changes and machine operation – including an erosion function option for the fast and easy programming of ‘what you see you can grind and erode’.
Complementing these will be the Walter Helicheck Plus tool measurement machine with robot loader and the Helicheck 3D.
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