Drill-to-finish bore solutions

The recent acquisition by Sunnen of BTA Heller has created an interesting solution for shops seeking complete bore drilling-to-finishing capabilities.

As a result of the purchase, Sunnen, which claims to be the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of honing systems for precision bore sizing and finishing, now adds BTA’s deep-hole tooling and systems for primary hole generation.
“We have developed various tools and systems to facilitate intricate, internal, profiled deep-hole drilling from 12.7 to 914.4 mm (0.5 to 36”) diameter,” says Mark Sollich, director of Sunnen’s BTA Heller division. “To combine forces with Sunnen and its bore geometry expertise creates a unique resource. No other company can provide a total bore solution from the creation of the primary hole to the final bore finish specifications.”
In addition, as Sunnen enters the skiving/roller burnishing sector, the company brings its approach of providing support to customers using non-Sunnen equipment for bore creation and finishing, a key advantage for shops with a variety of machine types and/or manufacturers.
“Our companies complement each other very well,” says Chris Miltenberger, president and COO of Sunnen. “No other deep-hole/BTA company has Sunnen’s global presence for customer, technical and post-sales support. The transfer of knowledge between the two companies will create a unique value proposition, and Sunnen’s financial stability and strong sales and service network will deliver this expertise to our customers.”
For further information www.sunnen.com